Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Night to Remember

It was a chilly night of winter when I and my friends planned to go out for a night out. I told them not to plan a night out in winters as it’s very cold and if something happens to the car we would have to stand out of the car. But they didn’t agreed to my suggestion and said ‘We will see if something happens, you don’t worry’. It was a night to remember. My friends came over to my place they told their parents that we have planned a combined study scene at my home. My friends came home at around 9 pm, we studied for some time to show to my parents. After some time we ordered dinner. At, around 1 am when my parents slept we went out from the back door with the car key in my hand. We all entered the car and decided to drive to Comesum at Nizzamuddin Railway Station, Delhi.

I played some peppy music. We reached Comesum at around 1.45 am and parked the car in the parking area. We had tea and chips and went inside the station just to roam here and there. When we came at the parking area one of my friend said 'Jaldi chaabi nikaal bahut der ho gayi hai bhailog’. I said 'Abe maine chaabi to tere ko di thi'. This was the moment when all bad things started happening. We ran to the station where we were standing searched here and there and we all could not find the key. It was 3 am and still we could not find the key. Then we all went towards the car and our luck thank god we found the key lying near the car.

We sat inside the car and I started driving towards my home. We were on the way and once again another incident happened. I realized that car was not moving smoothly I said to one of my friend 'Yaar gaadi ke tyre dekhiyo  saare theek hai'. What he said was very shocking 'Bhai gaadi ke tyre pe khoon laga hua hai'. I said ‘Abe pagal hai kya’ and I came out of the car after seeing the tyre and slapped him on the neck.  I said ‘Abe tyre puncture ho gaya hai aur tujhe mazzaak sujh raha hai’. I thought 'The tyre couldn’t have chosen a better time to get punctured.' We all somehow managed to change the tyre with the 'stepney'. It was now 5 am in the morning I drove very fast towards home and we reached home by 5.30 am. We all went inside my house from the backdoor and silently entered my room.

Oh god what a night it was!!!!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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