Sunday, 31 January 2016

Impact of an Unhealthy diet

I and my wife have become so busy in our daily routines that we don’t get time to take care of our health. We both have sitting jobs so the amount of calories we burn each day is very less. I have reduced the amount of calories which I used to take in my meals by cutting down fried foods. We tried many times to start morning walk but could not because of our laziness. Recently, we have been blessed with a baby boy and he is now seven months old. It’s tough to follow a routine with a small baby but you can at least try.

Post pregnancy, my wife has gained weight and it’s obvious, as there are hormonal changes in the body. I am also overweight but not much. The doctor has clearly said to my wife that you are overweight as compared to your height. You should reduce your weight or else it will lead to health problems in future. Now, you have to decide that you want an unhealthy or healthy life. The doctor also told that your increasing weight may cause heart attack.

He further told us that as per the data we have the risk of heart attacks is increasing day by day because of the food habits we all have. This created such an impact on me that I have now created diet plans for me and my wife and have decided to strictly follow the diet plan, after all it’s about our health.

We both know that after baby you are so involved in baby care, but ignoring your own health at the cost of it is not good. Now, since our baby is seven months old we have decided to give some time to maintain good health. The things which we have thought that we will do are:
  • We will go for walk daily along with our baby in pram at night and will burn extra calories. 
  • We will not take any extra amount of fat in our diet as extra fat in diet increases weight.
  • We will also stop fried foods. 
  • Daily, we will do exercise or yoga for at least 10 minutes in the morning. This will help us burn the extra calories taken at night.

If we follow what we have decided then we will definitely improve our health conditions. It’s in our hand to live a healthy life. We have to give some time to maintain a good health. There is an old saying that “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost, something is lost”. In my opinion, everyone should take care of their health and must have good eating habits to avoid health problems.

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When We Got Seperated

It was my college time when we met each other. We were in the same batch pursuing our B.Tech in Information Technology. I was intelligent so she used to take my help for completing notes and for studies. We used to sit in the college canteen for hours talking to each other and studying. We became very good friends and soon we realised that we are very compatible with each other and we decided to plan our future together. We both looked nice together. It was then the time of our campus placements companies came to our college. I was selected in the company called Sapient, Gurgaon. I told to her and she was very happy.

I was praying for her to get placement in the same company. She had her interview next day, Infosys also came on that day. She first went for the Infosys interview and got selected. Then she went for the sapient interview. It went for about fifteen minutes I waited outside for her. When she came, she had tears in her eyes, I was scared and she told me what I was not expecting she said

"I didn't got selected" and ran away from there crying.

It was the worst thing I could have ever thought of in my life. We still had a year more together as we had to join after completing our B.Tech.

We both were upset but had our careers ahead so could not help it. On the day when she had to leave I went to her home to drop her to the airport, I also met her family. She had already told about me to her family. So it was like an interview for me. They asked me a whole lot of question about me. After, about half an hour we left from her home. We both were in tears at the airport and I had only one thing to say

 "Apna Khayal rakhna and keep me informed" and I came back home thinking of her.

Days became like Months, Months became like Years and Years became like Decades for both of us. We now used to talk less on phone as we both became busy in our jobs. We started having fights very frequently. One fine day almost after ten months she surprised by saying that

"I have been selected for an Interview in a Company in Noida". 

Nobody can imagine how happy I was at that moment. The interview was next week. That week waiting for her became like a year for me. 28th June 2009, the day when I was meeting her after ten months. I was so excited and confused what to wear. I bought a bunch of roses and chocolates for her. I left home and reached the airport before time and I came to know that the fight has been delayed by half an hour. I as waiting and exactly after half an hour I received a call from her and she said

"The plane has landed, where are you?"

I was super excited. I told her that I am outside. She came out and I almost ran at the airport to hug her. I gave her the chocolate and roses. We then went for a Lunch we had a lot to talk. Then, we went to Model Town Lake our favourite place to sit and talk and played some music on my mobile. She gifted me a Shirt and then in the evening I dropped her at her home.

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The Blood Donation

Last year an uncle of mine was admitted to hospital. He was diagnosed of Dengue. Their family is not financially very sound so my uncle was admitted to a charitable hospital in their locality. I helped them by finding the hospital and told them that the rates of the hospital are also very reasonable.
They urgently needed blood so I had to go to donate my blood. When I reached the hospital it seemed to me that I have come to a set of a 1970's movie hospital. An old building with aged doctors and old paint on the walls. My uncle was in Room No. 103. It was a difficult task to find my uncle as there were twelve other patients in that room which was allotted to my uncle. I started my search operation as there was no chart outside the room. My uncle had a low pitch voice like children and my luck I heard his voice, there were no children in the room so it has to be my uncle. I went towards the bed from where the voice was coming and it was my uncle.

My aunt was there and his son was also present. I asked my aunt that how did this happened. She told me that last morning he went to the park in our locality without covering himself and I think because of this only he had got dengue. I always tell your uncle cover yourself when you go to the park but he never listens to me. Now, see what has happened all because that he never listens to me.

While, I was sitting the doctor come and said ‘We will be needing one more bottle of blood, do you have any donor’. I told the doctor that I will donate my blood. While I was waiting do donate blood my uncle's cousin sister came to meet him. She sat and started crying loudly as if my uncle has died. My uncle suddenly shouted as if in pain, my aunt immediately called the doctor. My uncle said to his sister that ‘My dear sister you are sitting on my hand’.

Finally, the doctor called me to donate the blood thank god if I would have stayed there for some more time I would have been admitted to the hospital for sure. Donating the blood was a long procedure. The doctors do some check-ups first and then you donate the blood. After donating the blood, I came back to my uncle and told him to listen to music whenever he gets bored. Music will not only help him to pass time but will also help him to heal fast and he will recover from dengue at a very fast rate.

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A Night to Remember

It was a chilly night of winter when I and my friends planned to go out for a night out. I told them not to plan a night out in winters as it’s very cold and if something happens to the car we would have to stand out of the car. But they didn’t agreed to my suggestion and said ‘We will see if something happens, you don’t worry’. It was a night to remember. My friends came over to my place they told their parents that we have planned a combined study scene at my home. My friends came home at around 9 pm, we studied for some time to show to my parents. After some time we ordered dinner. At, around 1 am when my parents slept we went out from the back door with the car key in my hand. We all entered the car and decided to drive to Comesum at Nizzamuddin Railway Station, Delhi.

I played some peppy music. We reached Comesum at around 1.45 am and parked the car in the parking area. We had tea and chips and went inside the station just to roam here and there. When we came at the parking area one of my friend said 'Jaldi chaabi nikaal bahut der ho gayi hai bhailog’. I said 'Abe maine chaabi to tere ko di thi'. This was the moment when all bad things started happening. We ran to the station where we were standing searched here and there and we all could not find the key. It was 3 am and still we could not find the key. Then we all went towards the car and our luck thank god we found the key lying near the car.

We sat inside the car and I started driving towards my home. We were on the way and once again another incident happened. I realized that car was not moving smoothly I said to one of my friend 'Yaar gaadi ke tyre dekhiyo  saare theek hai'. What he said was very shocking 'Bhai gaadi ke tyre pe khoon laga hua hai'. I said ‘Abe pagal hai kya’ and I came out of the car after seeing the tyre and slapped him on the neck.  I said ‘Abe tyre puncture ho gaya hai aur tujhe mazzaak sujh raha hai’. I thought 'The tyre couldn’t have chosen a better time to get punctured.' We all somehow managed to change the tyre with the 'stepney'. It was now 5 am in the morning I drove very fast towards home and we reached home by 5.30 am. We all went inside my house from the backdoor and silently entered my room.

Oh god what a night it was!!!!

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The Cricket Match

I am a big cricket fan. I used to even skip meals to watch cricket matches when I was a kid with no mobile and television in my room. My mom used to keep calling me for Lunch/Dinner and I used to sit and watch match as if I am a statue. Every, year the saddest moment in my cricket watching craziness was my exams. It was very difficult to choose between my exams and cricket match. It used to be a very difficult situation watching cricket match all day would take me to a big zero in my exams and not watching the match would not let me concentrate on my studies. I sometimes started listening to music and tried not to watch the cricket match, but I could not.

So by now you must be thinking what did I used to do to watch or get an update when I had no mobile and television in my room, poor me. So what my craziness for cricket made me do was, I had a cousin brother Ravi who was older to me and was very intelligent and had a TV in his room. At, that time there used to be only landline phones I used to tell him to give me updates on my landline. First, he said no that I will not tell you the updates if your mother will come to know she will scold me for this. I somehow convinced him and he agreed.

What I used to do was after very half an hour I used to call him and ask him the score and whenever a wicket used to fall he used to call me up so this way I used to get an update. When my mother used to ask me that why he and you are calling so frequent I used to tell her that I am asking Ravi my doubts for tomorrow’s exam. This calling and updates used to keep on till the end of the match.

One day, after asking my cousin when I disconnected the phone and turned back my mother was behind me.  My mouth remained opened for a while and I started to imagine my mother beating me with a big wooden stick. But what she said was the craziest think I could have ever imagined.

You must be thinking what did she said. What she said really made me feel that we Indians love cricket very much. She said that beta 'What’s the score?' I told her the score and she then said from now you will study and I will pick up the phone and will give you the update you go and study. I silently went to my room and started studying.

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A Trip To Rememeber

We all have become so busy in our daily schedules that it has become very difficult to plan trips. If we manage to plan a trip we make sure that it is properly planned and managed so that we may not face any issues. Trips are always memorable whether it’s a good experience or a bad experience. This summer I planned a trip to Nainital with my in-laws. Hill stations are the best places to visit in hot summers.

Before the trip, we all had a discussion about the place to go. I told them that we can plan for Nainital. A friend of mine has his brother posted in ‘Uttarakhand’ as SP (Superintendent of police), he will arrange for our stay at Academy of Administration, Nainital. The stay would be free for us and we have to arrange only for the conveyance. We were total fourteen members in the family plus two kids. So, we did a tempo traveller which could accommodate twelve and my brother in-law took his Verna. My brother in-law was travelling for the first time to nainital.

Nanital is around 350 KMs from Delhi. We started the journey at twelve midnight because of no entry of heavy vehicles in Delhi. When we were about 50 KMs away from our destination we saw a traffic jam on the road. I came out of the tempo traveller and came know that the road is closed because a dispute between the village people. The villagers are fighting with each other on some property issues. The driver didn’t knew any other route and we started thinking that we should look for a place where we could stay for some time. I turned on my navigation software on my mobile to look for another route. It showed another route which was a bit long but had no traffic as shown by the software. We reached Nainital at around 8 AM.

The temperature there was 16 degrees and in Delhi it was 42 Degrees. Awesome change of weather it was. We had our brunch and went to the Mall road. There we did boating and after that in the evening went to the Zoo. The Zoo at Nainital is much better than the Delhi One. They have Bengal Tiger, Leopard and bear also It was a nice break from the hot weather of Delhi. The next day we went to the ‘Tibetian Market’ for some more shopping. We also went to a ‘mela’ which is only in the peak season and took lot of rides. Loads of fun we did at Nanital. The kids were also happy and they spent a good time enjoying the rides.

We all had a very nice time together at Nainital.

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The Manglik Impact

There are some decisions in life which are taken emotionally not practically. You have to make a choice, either this way or that way. In my life too there was a moment in which I took a decision emotionally by listening to my heart. It was about my marriage with the girl whom I loved from my childhood days. I faced a lot of difficulties in convincing my parents for my marriage.

My wife is Non-Manglik and I am Manglik, we both faced an old issue of Manglik’s. My parents were not agreeing for my love marriage as my wife was Non-Manglik. My parents told me not to marry her as she is a Non-Manglik and your marriage will face difficulties or she will die. They said that they have seen cases in which the non-manglik person dies so you should not marry her. I don’t know what impact this Manglik thing had on them but it was all about my love. I had to take a decision either I had to listen to my parents or to my heart and go ahead with my love marriage.

Her parents were also against our marriage and told her the same thing that our marriage will face difficulties. It was becoming very difficult to make a choice. We had a talk about running from our houses and going to a place where no one can find us. But, later we realized that it’s not correct to do this. At last, we both decided to take charge of our life and told our parents that we want to marry each other and we are matured enough to handle our things on our own. It was a tough time for us to manage the situations at our home. We both had to convince our parent which was not an easy task.

Finally, after months of discussion we managed to convince our parents, and they agreed for our marriage. My father and her father both talked over phone and decided to meet in a nearby restaurant and fixed our marriage. They fixed the date of marriage the same day when they met and cards were also finalized. We both are now happily married and it’s been almost two years now and soon my wife would me a mother and I will become a father. Now, I feel that I made a good choice by listening to my heart. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to follow a certain path but taking difficult paths in life can be very fruitful. At that time, if I had listened to my parents than both of us would have ruined our lives. I listened to my heart and it was a good choice made by me.

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The Difficult Choice

Everybody faces a moment in his/her life where he/she has to make a decision which will affect his whole life. It could be anything from choosing a career to marriage. When my tenth class result came I was very happy with my marks. I came home and started dancing on some peppy music. Now, I wanted to choose science stream as I wanted to become an engineer but all my friends took commerce. I decided that I will take commerce and will do a course in computers. I filled the form for commerce.

My elder brother has always been an inspiration for me. I told him about the whole situation and he suggested me that you should take science with computers because you are very good in computer subject. Just doing what your friends are doing for the sake of their company, without thinking how it will affect your whole life is wrong. He told me that you have an area of interest and you should explore the opportunities in that area. Your friend must be having their area of interest in commerce that’s why they are taking it. You can be very successful in your career if you will take science and then go for engineering rest is your choice. 

After this advice, the whole night I gave it a thought and I realized that I can meet my friends daily in the recess time. Just for the sake of their company I cannot ruin my whole life by taking commerce. I like computers and I should take Computer Science as my stream. The next day I filled up the form again by requesting my teacher and selected Computer Science in the form. My teacher also said “Aditya, you have taken a good decision as you are good in Computers so you should take Computer Science”.

My friends were unhappy but they knew that my decision was correct. They supported me in my decision. Sometimes a good advice can help you to shape your life. I studied hard and took admission in Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha Univerity which is a well-known University for engineering in Delhi. My college was Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology which is among the top five institutes of the college. I successfully completed my engineering with first division and had my placement done through the on-campus placements. I was among the first five students to get the job offer and I felt very proud of myself.

Now, I am working as a software developer for a multinational company. It was a good decision to take science stream at that time and the advice of my elder brother saved me from taking a wrong decision which could ruin my life.

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The Delayed Flight

Recently, I had an office meeting in Mumbai. I have been hearing about Mumbai’s night life for a very long time, but never got a chance to visit Mumbai. I started to plan for the meeting five days before and extended my stay on my own expenses as I wanted to see Mumbai. I kept all the things necessary for my travel and packed my bag two days before the travel date.

Now, I was waiting for the day to come. I reached the airport two hours before, which was very early for a domestic flight. I passed time by listening music and reading newspaper. After, an hour the check-in counter opened and I took my boarding pass.

After I took the boarding pass, an announcement regarding my flight was made that it has been delayed by an hour. I again passed time by listening to music and reading newspaper. They flight took-off one hour late. I saw in-flight entertainment in the plane. I felt relaxed after I saw the in-flight entertainment as it would be very tough to pass time after so much of delays.

I turned on the entertainment system and started to watch a movie. The flight was of two hours and now I was confident that there will be no delays. After, some time there was an announcement in the flight that due to some technical issues the flight is doing an emergency landing. I banged my head slowly on the seat in front of me. The airlines company gave complimentary hotel stay for all the passengers as it was too late for a flight on the same day. I left a day before the meeting so a stay was not an issue for me.

The flight was early in the morning so I didn’t unpacked my bags and slept in the clothes which I was wearing. I reached Mumbai around 9 am in the morning and my meeting was at 11 am. I was new in Mumbai and had no idea about routes. My father did his job in Mumbai and he told me that you just do a taxi and tell him the address he will go by meter. I did as he told I told him the address and he took me the place well in time I took bath, changed my clothes and went for the meeting.

After the meeting I relaxed for some time in my room and went to explore Mumbai. I visited many places and the best part was sitting at the beach. I went to the hard rock cafe at the night. Mumbai has the best night life. Overall, it was a good experience except the delays I had in my flights. 

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

My Teacher Musica

I have seen many parents who tell their children that my child you become a doctor or engineer in future. It’s like they want their children to do what they want. Even, my parents wanted me to be an engineer and I did my B.Tech in Information Technology.

The story which I am writing about is of my school music teacher musica. She was very talented and music was her passion. Musica is not a nickname, my music teacher’s name was musica. She started teaching me music when I came in class tenth. She was giving her introduction to the class and when she told that her name is musica we all were laughing. I was very keen to know that how her name was kept musica. I could not ask her the reason at that time.

Time passed and I came to class twelfth and again she was my music teacher. I thought of asking the reason behind her name but could not. I was afraid of asking such a question to a teacher. I remember that it was our farewell day and I thought of asking the reason behind her name on that day.

After lunch I went towards her and said ‘Mam can I ask you a question’? She replied ‘Yes, tell me’. Then, I asked her that ‘Mam how your name was kept musica’? She gave a smile and told me that her parents were very fond of music. My parents had a love marriage and they first met in a retro musical night. My mom is a singer and my father is a guitarist. When I was born my father wanted to give me a very unique name, which could be easily related to music and for this he kept on thinking for months.

He thought of many names but could not think of a unique name. One day he was writing a letter and by mistake he wrote the spelling of music as musica. From there he got this name musica. He told my mother that I have thought of keeping our daughters name musica. My mother also liked the name and said ‘It’s a very unique name’.

There is a tradition in our family that when we keep the name of our child we call all the near ones and do a get together and there we tell the name which we are keeping. The very next day after deciding the name my father called all our near ones and told that I am keeping a get together on the coming Sunday. In the get together he told my name to everyone. Every one said ‘It’s a very unique name’.

This is the story behind my name.

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Weird Party Invitation

Recently, I received a wired party invitation from one of my friends. Usually a party invitation is very creative and mentions all the details about the party. It’s like ‘You are cordially invited to attend the so and so occasion on this day at a particular time. There will be lunch or dinner and then some music’. In my whole life till now I have seen these type of invitations.

Yesterday, also I received an invitation which was very creative. Now, talking about the invitation of my friend which I received was like his ‘Bhailog agar party karni hai toh kal sham mere ghar ki chat par aa jaana’. Daru peeyenge aur chicken paadenge te khub naachenge. Nahi aaoge to pachtayoge’. 

This can be translated in English as:

Brothers if you want to party then come at the terrace of my house. We will drink and have chicken and will dance. If you will not come then you will regret.

I went to his house and said to him that what you were thinking while writing this invitation. He told me that bro I wrote this invitation at night when I was drunk too much. In the morning I didn’t read it and posted it.  Above all I gave the party invitation to my father also. When he came back from office he read the invitation and gave me an angry look. Then after that I read the invitation and I was shocked to see the invitation that I wrote.

I gave him suggestion to reschedule the party and prepare a new invitation and give my address as his father came to know about the drink thing and will never allow this to happen. I told him that let us plan the party at my home this time next time we will plan it at your home. He agreed with this idea.

He created a new invitation and sent it to everyone. This time the party was at the terrace of my house. We kept the party for Saturday night as we all have a holiday on Sunday. The day came and the party started. We started with some light music and having beer with peanuts. After some time the doorbell rang I started to think that all guest have arrived now who is on the door. I asked my friend that have you invited anyone else he said ‘No’. I asked my servant to open the door.

What we saw was a shock for us my friend’s father came and said ‘Why did you changed the venue and date, I had to come all the way from my home to yours. Now come on serve some beer to me with extra peanuts’.  

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Dance on Peppy Songs

When I was a kid I liked to dance and sing. Dancing was one of my hobby. I always used to look out for peppy number on which I could dance. I used to watch music channels and find out some nice peppy number. Everyone has its own choice is selecting a song for dance. Some select classical, some fast numbers or some are like me which dance on peppy numbers. I dance very well on peppy numbers.

Earlier, I believed that I could easily dance on any song but an instance at my school made me realized that I could dance only on peppy numbers. The instance was, there was an inter-school dance competition in our school and I participated in it. I was asked to bring the song of my choice for the dance. I usually dance on peppy numbers but this time I selected a classical song. I knew that it would be tough as it’s not my cup of tea but I wanted to give it a try.

I composed a tape of my favourite classical songs and took it to school on the day of competition. My friends asked me that are you serious about dancing on a classical song. I told them I want to try out classical dance. They told me that you dance very well on peppy songs you should not do a classical today as this is a competition. But I was overconfident that I will do this and did not took the competition seriously.

I didn’t practiced on classical number as I was overconfident that I will do classical too. The competition started and my number was third. My turn came after half an hour, I came on the stage and when the music started I was confused with the steps on classical number. It was such a bad experience for me. I didn’t even made it to the quarter finals. I could never think of something like this happening to me. I scolded myself for showing such a leniency for the competition.

It was a real disaster for me. After this I started practicing dance on classical music but could not do. Soon, I realized that classical dance is not my cup of tea. I realized that I dance very well on peppy songs and I should continue with peppy songs only. After three months another dance competition was there in my school. This time I chose a peppy number and practiced a lot. The day came and I was fourth on the list. My turn came after an hour or so. This time I was much confident and did a lot of practice. This time I received the first prize for my dance. 

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Music a Stress Buster

Music is everywhere, it’s in our soul, whenever I feel sad I turn on the music and just jive to my favourite tune and destress myself. My treasured possession is my collection of music from retro, jive, hip-hop, Bollywood, jazz I have all and one of the best that I love is classical. The music just get into me and then the singing mode turns on. Trance is one music which just takes me to a mesmerized world and my meditation mood turns on.

Whenever I don’t feel sleepy I just start singing my favourite tune and keep on singing till I feel sleepy. It is an unbelievable feeling when you get to know any melody it just makes you feel that music is your inner strength. It is just one tune that you mime and keep on miming till you get tired. I have a collection of all my favourite songs and I play them whenever I want. Sometimes, dancing on my favourite song is also a good stress buster for me. Dance and Music are two things without which 
I cannot live.

In my college days I used to listen to my favourite music to keep myself awake while studying maths. Maths was a very boring subject for me. I always kept some nice music turned on while studying maths. Believe me or not, maths was the only subject in which I used to score the maximum marks. It was all because of music. It used to relax my mind and I could easily concentrate on my studies. To reduce tension I always used to listen to music to reduce my stress and tension of my examinations.

Once, I got failed in social studies and I could not sleep the whole night because I knew my parents will scold me for my poor performance in studies. I didn’t knew what to do as I had to get my answer sheet signed from my parents. To reduce my stress and tension I turned on some music as I couldn’t sleep the whole night. The next day when I told my mother about my marks she instead of scolding me said ‘Work harder for the final exams and score the highest marks’. Next time I studied harder than before and scored highest in the class.

There have been many instances in my life where I got over-stressed and over-burdened with work. Music has been and will always be a stress buster for me. Many people believe that music is a good stress buster. If you have not tried this formula yet try it once and you will see yourself how good music is.

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Monday, 25 January 2016

The Weird Dream

Yesterday, I had a very weird dream. The dream was all because of the talks I had with my colleagues. We were all talking about aliens and other planets. We were discussing that if life exists on other planets or not. There were mixed opinions about the topic. But most of us agreed that there is life on other planets.

Most of us agreed that there is life on Mars. I came back home and before sleeping started to think about the talks I had in the office. The dream was that I found myself on planet mars. On mars aliens have captured me. They said that we want your car Zica and only then we will let you go.

I said ‘I will never give you my car’. They got angry on this and locked me in a prison surrounded by laser lights. I had no way out to get out of the prison. If I even tried I will be turned into ashes by the laser beams. As, I was thinking about how to get out of the prison a letter came inside without a name and on it, it was written that if you want to get out of here at 12 midnight sharp the gates will open and you can easily escape.

I started waiting the clock to strike 12. At sharp 12 midnight the laser beams got vanished and I moved out of the prison. I started to find my car Zica but could not find. After minutes of search another letter came to me without a name on it. It was written that your car is behind the king’s castle.

I had no clue where the king castle is. As, I was thinking I saw a board which had written ‘King’s castle on Right’. I started moving towards the king castle and found my car behind the castle. My car recognised me and opened with my fingerprint. I got into my car and as I started my car aliens started coming towards me. I pressed the accelerator and started my escape.

Now, I had to find the exit to return back to earth. A few seconds later the Navigation system of my car turned on and started showing the exit point to earth. I raised the speed of the car and when I reached the exit point I found that the exit pint needs a password. I didn’t knew the password and expected a help as earlier. I waited but nothing came and aliens reached very near to me. They reached very near to me and raised their guns to kill me, suddenly the alarm of my mobile started ringing. I woke up from my dream and saw myself on my bed. What a weird dream it was. 

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Romantic Drive with Some Romantic Music

Music is one thing that everyone loves while driving. A romantic music and a long drive is one thing which most of us like to have. I still remember on my birthday my wife decided for a long drive and have dinner at Murthal. Murthal serves very nice parathas and people come from very far to have these parathas. Murthal is around 90 KMs from my place. We took some chips and cold drink along with us to have while on drive. After a very long time we planned such a romantic drive so there was no pint of saying no to my wife.

We started our long drive at around 6 PM in the evening and our estimated travel duration was of 2 hours. It was winter season so we kept some warm clothes. I checked the air in tyres and petrol both were low. We stopped at the petrol pump and I got the petro and air filled. At the petrol pump I searched for my pen drive which had romantic songs. While searching for it, I recalled that had kept all the pen drives at home as I gave the car for service day before yesterday.

We went all the way back to home to get the pendrive and this wasted half an hour. We were in a mood to drop the idea for today and keep it for next week as a lot of time got wasted in returning back to home for the pen drive. Suddenly, the weather became romantic and clouds were all over in the sky. We decided to continue with our plan. We sat in the car again and started are romantic drive.

I turned on some romantic music, after travelling about 40 KMs the car tyre got punctured. My luck, a petrol pump was very near. It took 20 minutes to this puncture thing done. We continued our journey and after about 10 KMs I saw all the cars returning back. I came to know that the road which we have taken is closed further because of some construction. We had to come back 10 KMs and took another route.

So far, our romantic drive had turned into a trouble drive. We finally reached our destination, it took us 3 hours to reach Murthal. We ordered parathas and the food there made us forget all the troubles we faced. While returning it was a smooth drive for us. We enjoyed the long drive while returning with some romantic music.

At a point I thought that we would have stopped our journey when I forgot the pen drive. But the drive while returning back made our day. It was a nice romantic drive after a long time.

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The Impact of That Accident

Delhi roads are very unsafe for driving. Many people don’t follow traffic rules and get into trouble. People keep on changing the lanes when driving. Jumping of red light is very common, I myself see at least two or three people daily jumping the red light. People enter one way and as a result traffic jams happen on Delhi roads. Everyone in delhi is very irritated with delhi traffic jams.
People overtake without any horn or dipper and as a result accidents happen. Accidents on delhi roads have become very common and it’s all because people don’t follow traffic rules. People break traffic rules in front of traffic police also. The situation is very bad in delhi. In delhi, most of the traffic jams are because of people not following the traffic rules.
Accidents and traffic jams happen because people break traffic rules. A few years back I saw an accident which left a lifelong impact on my driving. I was travelling to my office early in the morning as some clients had to come for a meeting. I left on time and as I was crossing the flyover near the ashoka road near Connaught place in Delhi, I saw a portion of the flyover closed and police all around.
I went out from my car and saw two cars have met with an accident. I had never seen such an accident in my whole life, two cars have collided with eachother and all the passengers died in the accident. I asked one of the police officer that how the accident happened he told me that one of the two cars was coming from the wrong side and both cars collided with eachother. All the passengers in both the cars were dead. In the first car there was a family who was returning from a marriage and in the second car which was driving on the wrong side had two boys who didn’t had a valid license and were drunk.
I started to think that what wrong did the family did who was returning from the marriage. The mistake was of the boys who were drunk and driving on the wrong side but both had to face the consequences. This accident which I saw created a lifelong impact on my driving. Now, I always look around to see if any car is coming on the wrong side or not and only after I see this I make a move. I follow all the traffic rules even if I am in a hurry.
I think everyone should follow the traffic rules and should be alert on the rods. It may happen that you are driving correctly but because of others mistake you suffer.
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Saturday, 23 January 2016

When I Got Lost on the Road

I am very bad in remembering routes and get confused most of the time, even while travelling on the same route to a particular destination. For people like me, navigation software are very useful. I can easily feed the starting pint and destination and can get all the routes available for that destination with navigation.

Earlier, I used to ask an auto rickshaw wherever I got confused. Where I could reach in half an hour it used to take an hour almost double the time. It was all because I am very bad at remembering routes. Once I had an interview in Gurgaon and my house is around 14 KMs away from the venue. I knew that I have to leave early as it will take me double time to reach the venue.

The interview was at 10 AM and it usually take 45 minutes with traffic to reach the venue from my house. I decided to leave at 8 AM in the morning but unfortunately I woke up late and left for the interview at 9 AM. As expected I got late, I reached for the interview at 10:15 and I lost the punctuality marks in the interview.

Another instance happened when I was going to a marriage with my wife, I got totally lost which route to take and had to ask from people which I consider very unsafe during the night. It took around one hour to reach the venue of marriage. The place is 25 minutes from my house but because of the route problem. My wife was very angry after this incidence.  

I got a new book of Delhi route map and started reading it day and night just to memorize all the routes. It was really next to impossible for me to memorize all the routes and after five days I gave up. After a month or so, I came to know about navigation software and installed one on my mobile phone.

Now, with navigation software in my mobile, before starting my drive I open the navigation software and feed the destination and I get all the possible routes. I believe that a navigation software is a must for people like me who are bad with routes. Navigation software are very user friendly and anyone can use it easily.

I really feel good now when I am driving and now I like to explore new places with my wife. It has become very easy to locate restaurants and places. Navigation software are compatible with all mobile operating systems and can be installed on any device. I personally think that everyone must have a navigation software installed of their mobile phones. It is very useful in finding routes.

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Equality is humanity

When we talk about inspirational stories everyone has its own opinion. Some are inspired by kindness some by generosity some by bravery and some by helping nature. The story which inspired me in 2015 and which made me felt good about this world is of a man who believes that we all are equal. According to him ‘Equality is humanity’. He is always ready to help people and listens to their problems.

I have seen him helping poor people and giving them what they require. Recently, I came back late from a party and I saw him giving his own blanket to security guard of his lane. I asked him that why did he gave such an expensive blanket to the guard. He replied that ‘For me he is not a security guard, he is a human being first’. He told me that if he will not give a blanket to him today he may not survive today’s cold day.

I have seen him talking to people and helping them without thinking that who they are. I have seen him giving his own brand new sweater to a rickshaw wala because he didn’t had one. He strongly believes that all humans are equal and if everyone starts following this there will be no discrimination and this world would be a better place to live. The person I am talking about is my friend’s elder brother and I agree with him. Do you?

I have myself have given my clothes which do not fit me to the people who are need regardless of the fact that how expensive the clothes are. He has inspired me a lot.

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How to Turn Good Mornings in to Gold Mornings

When you wake up, you always wish that this morning becomes a good morning for you and brings you a great day ahead. A great day to me means when all your efforts bear fruit. I meet many clients in a day and I need to look clean and tidy as first impression is the last impression. My mantra to turn good mornings into gold mornings is to wake up early, treat every day as a new day and keep yourself neat and clean for the whole day.

I face a big challenge when it comes to keeping your teeth clean and free from bad breath. To keep your teeth clean you need to make sure that you use a good toothbrush. The new ‘Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold toothbrush’ - #Colgate360GoldMornings gives a good cleaning of teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. My mantra for clean teeth is ‘Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold toothbrush’- #Colgate360GoldMornings.

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