Sunday, 13 December 2015

Smooth Drive with Good Design and Connectivity - Delhi

I live in Delhi and this city has many vehicles on the road. A city which has too much of traffic faces many traffic jams. Only a good design of the city can help in avoiding traffic jams. A good connection between the roads makes sure that all the areas of the city are well connected. A good design and connect between the road can only make a good drive on the road. If we talk about Delhi in terms of Drive, Design and Connect it’s good.

Design: The best part of Delhi’s design is that it is designed in a round shape. One destination can be reached via many routes. I have many times stuck in traffic jams when going to a place. Because of Delhi’s round shaped design I can take another route and avoid those long traffic jams. The design of the city is such that it can avoid small traffic jams. The traffic lights are also installed wherever needed and results in smooth running traffic. The roads are also wide enough and three lane driving is possible at some areas. I still remember during the common wealth games in India a separate lane was there for CWG. The flyovers and subways have also added to the good design of Delhi.

Connaught Place - Delhi (Image Credits : Google Maps)

Connect: The roads in Delhi are also well connected and there are sign boards at every diversion so that there is no confusion in finding a place. You can reach your destinations easily if you don’t know the way by reading the sign boards. Now, map applications are also available on your mobile but in rare case you may need to follow the sign boards.  

Drive: Driving is easy and smooth when you drive in a city with good design and is well connected. On flyovers the driving is so smooth that you love to drive. It’s good to drive on the roads of Delhi as there is a very low chance of getting stuck into traffic jam because you can avoid route with high traffic density and take another route which has low traffic density and reach your destination easily.

In my opinion the design of city should be very good so that you may take multiple routes or plan your travel with options so that you may have choices to travel to your destination. With good design comes good connectivity of roads in the city. A good connectivity between the roads and sign boards all over makes sure that there is no confusion in taking roads and you can reach your destination. Delhi scores good when it comes to Design and Connectivity and this makes it feel good to drive on the roads of Delhi.  It becomes the best to drive in Delhi when people follow the traffic rules.

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