Thursday, 10 December 2015

Roaming with Responsibility

When we talk about visiting a place to spend a holiday or explore, we should keep in mind that every country or state has its own guidelines for responsible tourism. We should follow those guidelines and show our responsibility towards tourism. It may be anything from keeping the city clean, not causing any damage to tourist spots. My father once told me that he and his friends went on a bicycle tour to Agra from Delhi to visit Taj Mahal. Now, in today’s time nobody can plan a road trip on a bicycle.

I myself have done a bicycle tour with my friends during my college time. In my opinion the issues face in responsible tourism are:

1. Pollution: People plan road trips through motorcycle and car which causes pollution and harm the environment. The pollution level has already increased so much and long distance road trips through motorcycle and car contributes to it.

Solution: Long distance road trips can be planned through bicycles if going out with friends. With family, we can avoid road trips and go by train or flights.

2. Litter on Roads and Near Tourist Spots: I have seen many people litter on roads while travelling or near tourists spots without thinking that how much money is being spent on maintenance of that tourist spots.

Solution: We should not throw litter on roads or near any tourist spot and should through it in the bins. 

3. Causing harm to the Tourist Spots: Many people write on the walls or sculptures and cause harm to the tourist destination. I have seen people who pluck flowers from parks. This causes harm to nature as well as tourism. Causing damage or writing on walls or sculptures of historical can cost lakhs of rupees for repair and maintenance. Tourism Boards spend a lot of money yearly for maintenance of tourist spots and we should not cause harm to them

Solution: We should not cause any harm to the tourist destinations.

4. Misbehaving with the people around: I have seen people who misbehave or misguide people who come as tourist to their country. They misguide or misbehave for fun, which is very bad and brings bad name to their country and its tourism.

Solution: We should always try to help tourists who come to our country. It’s our duty to help them as they are our guests. If we help them 

“It will bring a good name for our country.”

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