Friday, 4 December 2015

Cocktails and Cocktails of India

Cocktails are made for people who like to taste something different with each sip when they take alcohol. I, myself don’t like the simple mix of alcohol and water or soda or a juice. It’s easy to find a recipe for cocktail but it’s hard to make a good one. Making a nice cocktail is really a tough task. Most of the cocktail recipes which we find anywhere are from outside India and are made to pair with international cuisines.

When we come to the Indian cuisine we definitely want to have a cocktail which tastes the best with Indian food. Indian food totally has a different taste when compared to international cuisines. It’s really hard to find a pub where you can find a nice cocktail that pairs with Indian food. Some of the good restaurants in India have good Indian recipe cocktails like a restaurant in Gurgaon has my favourite Indian Cocktail Bawaji Nu Thullu.

When searching for a nice Pubs or restaurants in India where you can find good cocktails which pair with Indian Cuisines, it becomes hard to find. For all those, who like to have something different everytime and can’t find places can use this Pub Finder in India to find a nice pub. It’s easy to find a pub using this, you just have to select your location, locality and the type (Pubs, Night Clubs, Lounges or Fine Dine). You, can also choose according to your mood of the day (Party, Hangout, Relax or Dine-out). A party calendar is also there so that you may come to know about the events in your location.


When drinking you must be committed to Responsible Drinking. I am committed to responsible drinking are you? Many times it happens that we overdrink and we may cause inconvenience to others who are around us. This makes a bad impression and may affect our social circle. Overdrinking should be avoided and we must drink till we can. Many things should be kept in mind when you are drinking at a party. A few tips which can help you to drink responsibly are at Live Responsibly.

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