Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bond of "Real Togetherness"

Real togetherness means when you are very close to somebody and you know each and everything about him/her. When I was small I shared each and every thing with my mother. My smallest problem to the biggest problem. I had a “Real Togetherness” bond with my mother.

My friends have always shared everything with me. When they are in problem they tell me about it to get solutions from me. I am ready to help them any time. A “Real Togetherness” bond can only be made when you know each and everything about the other person.

Nature has always helped us to do everything together from smallest things to bigger thing. Over time we have come so close to nature. The “Mother nature” gives us food and everything. We grow crops in farms the “Mother Nature” helps us and when the crops are ready we harvest them.

Nature has also given us the gift of “Ayurveda”. In "Ayurveda" we can find cure for almost anything. The nature helps us by giving us the herbs which are required to prepare the remedies. We can look for any remedy to a disease in “Ayurveda”. The nature has been so close to us and provides everything what we need.

Even the oxygen which we take is provided by trees which are a part of nature. The trees provide us with all the oxygen which we need. We also have helped the nature in preserving it.
I have been planting trees for years from my childhood. I like to plant trees, I have a made a garden at my terrace and I grow herbs in my garden. I have always been giving milk and food to stray dogs and feed pigeons with “Bajra” and “Makki”. I have always been very close to nature and I am very fond of planting trees and feeding animals. I will be doing this as long as I can. It gives you a great feeling when you do something for nature. This quality of serving and preserving has come inside me from my father. In, my childhood days I have been watching my father all the time feeding animals and birds. He used to keep plants inside his room and give them water.

The “Mother Nature” serves us with everything what we need without any expectations from us. It’s our duty to protect the nature by preserving it and planting more and more trees. This can only be done when you are very close to nature and you share a bond of “Real Togetherness”.

I would also like everyone to develop a bond of “Real Togetherness” with nature. The nature give you everything what you need to survive and even much more than that.

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