Saturday, 26 September 2015

The War has Ended - Thank You Tata Sky+ Transfer

Everyone likes to watch television to pass time when they get bored.  The choice of the show which they varies from person to person. Some like to watch drama serials, some like comedy, some like mythological, some like horror. The choice of the show genre also varies with age group.

My favourite TV show on Television is Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat on Colours TV. I like it as it tells us about the history of Samrat Ashoka. I would recommend it to everyone, it’s a good show. I don’t like to miss a single episode of it. I even make my wife watch this serial with me which is the toughest job, so you can imagine that how much I like this serial. The problem occurs when there is a clash of timings with your favourite TV show and your wife’s favourite TV show, by default we men are the losers. The biggest problem is faced when there is a clash of timing between a cricket match and a favourite TV serial of your wife.

When the wife issue is not there work issue comes. Sometimes, I am so busy in my work that I am unable to watch 2-3 episodes in a row. I think of watching them later but cannot. Sometimes, I wish that I could record shows and watch them on my mobile or television later or time shift to watch a movie of my choice. When I heard about the Tata Sky+ Transfer I started to imagine recording my favourite shows and watching them on my mobile while on the go. I thank Tata Sky for solving the wife issue and work issue between my favourite TV shows.

Tata Sky+ Transfer

Now, I will tell you how the new Tata Sky+ transfer solves my problem

Transfer Recorded Content : Transfer recorded content from your Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box onto your device via Wi-Fi. The Tata Sky+ Transfer Pack can be added to a maximum of 2 devices per subscriber ID/RMN. 

Now, I let my wife watch her serial first and I watch my serial the next day in the morning while travelling in the delhi metro.

Tata Sky+  Transfer Box 

Other features include:

  • View Recorded Content Anytime, Anywhere Once the recorded content has been transferred to your registered device, you can view the video from anywhere - you do not need wi-fi or an internet connection to access it.

  • Stream Record : Stream Recorded Content Instantly stream recorded content from your Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box onto your device via Wi-Fi.
  • HD Recording: Record your favourite shows in High Definition
  • 500GB of Space : Record 500 GB of your favourite shows and movies Tata Sky+ Transfer gives you 500GB of hard disk space to record your favourite programmes.
  • Rewind.Forward.Pause: I can rewind to watch my favourite scene, forward to skip a scene or pause the show. Play it your way Never miss your favourite scene again! Skip the boring clips, replay the scene you want and freeze your favourite moments. Television, as you like.
  • Full HD : 1080i High Definition Incredibly vivid colours. Images that are 5 times as sharp. With Tata Sky+ Transfer, you can now view content in 1080i resolution.
  • Widescreen: 16:9 wide aspect ratio Tata Sky+ Transfer brings you the enhanced viewing experience with a much wider screen, providing a wide aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound Get the home theater experience with Tata Sky+ Transfer.The set top box supports cinema style Dolby Digital Surround Sound.
  • Video on Demand Tata Sky brings you the India’s first Video on Demand service. Now watch your favourite movies, TV Shows & concerts whenever you want. 
The features which I love the most are :


Tata Sky+ Transfer box is 3D ready so you can enjoy a complete 3D experience with your 3D TV when 3D content becomes available.  


With Series Link feature, your Tata Sky+ Transfer can record all episodes of your favourite TV series, and skip the repeats.  


Bring out the singer in you with Karaoke on Tata Sky+ Transfer. Service features original Bollywood videos, along with lyrics, cues and a ‘Score’ mode.  


Now record your favourite shows on the go. use your Internet Recording feature on or download the Tata Sky Mobile App from App store on your IOS devices

The best part is that now I don't have to fight with my wife to watch my favourite show.


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  1. So you watch Samrat Ashoka... hmmm... I have seen this a couple of times and found the details tilt towards the dramatic than the correct historical perspective. But yes, quite entertaining, for sure.

    Arvind Passey