Friday, 21 August 2015

Fastest Network Speed with Airtel 4G

I always face the problem of low internet speed on my mobile. Surfing the internet is fine but watching videos and listening to songs is really a pain for many on low speed internet. Sometimes 3G speed is also not enough for watching high quality videos on mobile data. I used to face a lot of issues on my mobile with low mobile data speed. Some of the issues which I face are:

Streaming of Videos: I cannot watch high quality videos on low data speed. The videos take a hell lot of time to load and I am always waiting for them to load. I can only watch low quality videos on current data speed and watching them is a pain, the videos are blurred and you have to compromise on quality.

Streaming Audios: I like to listen to songs and while driving I listen songs online. Low data speed is a problem for me as the songs take a hell lot of time to load and pauses in between.

Data Download: It takes too much of time to load pictures. The data speed is so slow that it takes very long time load pictures on my facebook application. The videos also take very long time to download and if by any chance you have to download an applications on your phone which is greater than 100 MB, it will take minutes to download on low data speed.

Data Upload: Data Upload takes a lot of time while uploading on mobile data. I have waited for hours while uploading videos through my phone on mobile data. It’s a pain to upload data through your phone.

With Airtel 4G speed I will:

Watch Videos online: With 4G the data speed will be more and I would be able to watch videos without streaming problems. If there is no streaming problem then I would love to watch videos online and would watch more and more videos online.

Listen Songs Online: With 4G data speed I will be listening to songs online while driving without any pauses in between. Now, I would listen to songs only online instead of first putting songs in a pen drive or a disc and then playing it on my car stereo.

Download Data: I will download more and more applications on my mobile. With 4G speed it will take lesser time to download applications and I would be able to download applications on the go at a higher speed.

Frequent Data Upload: With Airtel 4G speed I would be able to upload pictures at a high speed. High speed upload would make me upload more and more pictures on the go.

With Airtel 4G speed I would be able to carry my all data related tasks at a very high speed while on the go.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Dream Home with Godrej Interio

We all dream of a nice and a beautiful home, I too dream of a beautiful home. The interior of my house has become very old and I really need to change it.

Godrej Interio

The first thing which I would change in my house is the interior of my bedroom. While searching on the internet I came to know about godrej interio. I liked the bedroom concept on the godrej interio website. My room always looked messy with clothes lying here and there. I need a chest of drawers to keep my clothes arranged at a place. There are various options available for chest of drawers at godrej interio website. The chest of drawers will be of great help in keeping my room clean. The wardrobe of my room has also become very old and I need to transform that too. A wardrobe matching my room color is all I need for my room. There are various options available on the godrej interio website. Last a nice dressing table would do all the magic.

Bedroom Concepts

The second thing which I would be changing/transforming would be some new sofa sets. I really want to dispose my old sofa sets and buy some new sofa sets. I liked the pure leather sofa sets on the godrej interio website. They have some really nice collections. The new sofa set would make my lobby area look great and awesome.

Sofa Set

The third thing which I would like to change would be my furniture. My furniture is of very old design and I really need to change my old furniture and buy some new furniture for my dining area, hall and kitchen. The new furniture will give a better look to my home.

The fourth thing which I would like to change is my kitchen. The kitchen in my home has also become old. The kitchen has very less chest of drawers and I need to find places to keep my crockery and utensils. A new modular kitchen would give a new look to my home and it would be easy to arrange my crockery and utensils.

Modular Kitchen

The paint on the walls of my home has also become old and I need to get all the walls painted with some nice plastic paint or texture paint to give a nice look to my house.

I found godrej interio website very helpful and useful for changing or transforming my home and make it my dream home.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Yummilicious & Delicious Penne Pasta - Delmonte

The occasion was 15th August and like every year I had invited few of my close friends for lunch. I asked my wife what you would make for them, she replied that this time I would be preparing special Italian recipe i.e., penne rigate gourmet pasta by Del Monte. Here is the recipe of the pasta that she prepared with her special ingredient.

Del Monte

Veggie Extravaganza Pasta in Red Sauce

Portion Size – One Quarter Plate
Servings – 7-8 People
Cooking Time – 45 mins (approx.)
Utensils Used – One Kadai, One big bowl for boiling Del Monte Pasta, Ne big serving spoon for stirring the veggies and 8-10 glass bowls, one channi for for removing water from boiled pasta.

One Del Monte Penne Pasta
Oil for boiling pasta
Some pinch of salt while boiling the pasta’
For Kadhai
2 tbspoon fortune oil
2 Chopped Onions
2 Chopped Red Bell pepper
2 chopped Yellow Bell pepper
2 chopped Green Capsicum
2 Grated Tomatoes
1 pkt Corn Kernels
1 pkt Mushrooms
1 pkt Brocolli
Special Ingredient- Mix of Oregano, Chilli Flakes and Sugar
Burnt Garlic
Cheese for topping
2 tbsp Pasta Sauce
2 tbsp Tomato Puree
Pinch of black pepper
1 tbsp Salt to taste

Step by step Instructions

  1. Boil the Del Monte Penne Pasta, while boiling add some pinch of salt and 1 tbsp oil.
  2. For Pasta Sauce, we need a Kadhai, add 2 tbsp oil, add onions, garlic and put all the veggies.
  3. While the veggies get cooked add pasta sauce, tomato puree and special ingredient ( mixture of oregano, chilli flakes and sugar)
  4. Stir all the veggies and make it as a sauce.
  5. After the veggies get cooked add the boiled Del Monte penne pasta.
  6. Topple the dish with cheese.
  7. Hot yummilicious pasta is ready to be served
Video of my wife preparing the pasta

My friends loved the Del Monte Penne Pasta and the recipe with the special ingredient.

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Colgate Magical Stories

My kid loved building the Magical Castle #ColgateMagicalStories . It was fun doing the whole activity from cutting the pack and making the castle.

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