Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nivea Body Deodorizer for Men #SniffSniff

When it comes to body odour everybody hates it. I hate body odours and use many things to kill body odour. From roll on to body sprays I use everything to kill bad smell. In summers, I myself get irritated by my body odour. In humid weather the condition gets even worse. When I come back from my office or return back from Sadar Bazar, where I supply my products, my clothes are all wet with sweat and the body odour is very bad. Everyone hates body odour whether it’s from you or a person near you. When I was shortlisted for the #sniffsniff activity I just kept on thinking that what is coming my way which will get me rid of my body odour, my guess for the activity was always a deodorant or a perfume. The activity began and I started receiving the clues.

First clue was a Cloth Clip:

Clothes Clips are for the Clothes line, not your nose. I remember my mother using cloth clips when she used to put clothes on terrace. I was sure that the product will be a deodorant or a perfume.

After, the first clue I received the second clue which was coffee beans. Coffee beans are good to kill smell in the room. I have myself used coffee beans many a times to kill the smell in my room. But, what about body odour.  I neutralize my body odour by using a roll on or a deodorant.

The third and the last clue was a mask. I remember using a mask to protect myself from pollution and diseases. But putting a mask to protect yourself from body is definitely not a good idea. Now, I was sure that the product will be a deodorant or a perfume.

Then, I received the final product and it was a new product from Nivea. A body deodorizer for men. I daily go to a crowded place called Sadar Bazar to supply my products. When I come back home, I used to give a very bad body odour. I used to put a lot of deodorant but at the end of the day I used to give a very bad odour. Yesterday, I use this product and believe me this product really worked for me. I came back home and my body odour was very less.

This product is really awesome and it god me rid of my body odour.

“I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda.”

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