Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Myntra Mobile App

In, today time everybody wants comfort. Now people have started buying online instead of going to showroom and malls. Buying online saves time and the customer can view wide variety of products online without going to a showroom. With too many options available online customers can look for a product which matches his/her requirement and get the best price for it.

With the advancement in technology people have started using their mobiles for purchasing products online. This is becoming popular day by day and many people have started installing and using the applications which have been developed by the vendor.

Recently, Myntra has come up with its Myntra mobile application. Talking about marketing the application, I think everybody knows about the Myntra app it’s just that people think is this application really useful to them, why would they install an application which just takes space on their mobile phone. In, this case we need to make them aware about the advantages of using myntra application on their mobile phones.

If I had to do the marketing of Myntra app I would have:
  • Myntra app sign up discount: As, I wrote few lines before that people think that why would they install an application which just takes space on their mobile phone. I would offer them with a special mobile app sign up discount which would give them a discount on a product of their choice. This will attract new as well as existing customers who do not use myntra app to install it.
  • Special discounts only on app: Tell the customers about the special discounts which are available only on the myntra app. Still most of the customers look for vendor which offers them the best price. I would have added a comparison meter which would tell the customer that the price you are getting here is the best. Once the customers come to know that Myntra app offers the best price they will definitely install the myntra app.
  • Variety: Customers look for various options in a particular product search. I would have made the customer aware that myntra app has the largest variety of products available as compared to others.
  • App Demo: Telling the customer that the application is user friendly and is easy to use is very important. Also, I would make an app demo which would help the customer to use the myntra application easily.

 These are some simple ways by which, I think you can convince a customer to install myntra app.

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