Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Learnt, lived each moment with you “Maa”

My mother has always been there for me. This mother’s day I would like to share my memories with my mother. 

There are so many moments to share:
  • I was weak in studies and always use to score less, my mother always used to motivate me before my exams and told me to think positive before giving my finals. She was always there for me and wanted me to feel confident of myself. Time and again I faced this exam fear and anxiety but she was always there to support me and encouraged me to take the road ahead with confidence. When I used to prepare for my examinations my mother used to stay awake and give me my late night punch of coffee. 
  • I remember when I used to come back from my school I used to tell my mother to make something good for me in dinner and she was always ready to cook for me. The time changed I grew up and started going to college but for my mother I was still a kid. She used to stay awake all night during my examinations and is still ready to cook for me all the time.
  • Whenever I had to buy something for me she used to buy it for me. When I had to go out with my friends she always used to ask me “Do you have enough cash with you?”
  • After college when I was not getting job she used to motivate me that I will get one and I got one. She was the only one to support me. My mother has always been a support for me.
  • Everyone in my family was against my love marriage, my mother was the only one who was there to support me in my decision. She supported me and convinced everyone in the family for my marriage.
I love you “Maa” for everything you have done for me.


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