Saturday, 30 May 2015

My Unforgettable Food Experience

Recently, I went to Made in Punjab Restaurant at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. I was delighted by their service and the presentation of the food. The presentation is very innovative. 

The appetizers were very nice and amazing. First, I ordered Makki ki Roti with Sarson.

‘Makki Di Roti Te Sarson Da Saag' that how it goes. I am having a watery mouth while uploading this picture.

Then we ordered Keema Pav, me and my wife both loved it.

Murgh Tikka was also very nice. Put it in the mouth and it will melt 'Awesome!!!'

One of my friend is a vegetarian, we ordered beetroot ki Tikki in vegetarian. I liked it very much

Amazing Tikka’s and Kebabs I had.

In, the main course we had buffet and the buffet was really awesome. The ambiance is also good I really loved the place and food. In the end we had tomato tea. 

An unforgettable food experience it was.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Learnt, lived each moment with you “Maa”

My mother has always been there for me. This mother’s day I would like to share my memories with my mother. 

There are so many moments to share:
  • I was weak in studies and always use to score less, my mother always used to motivate me before my exams and told me to think positive before giving my finals. She was always there for me and wanted me to feel confident of myself. Time and again I faced this exam fear and anxiety but she was always there to support me and encouraged me to take the road ahead with confidence. When I used to prepare for my examinations my mother used to stay awake and give me my late night punch of coffee. 
  • I remember when I used to come back from my school I used to tell my mother to make something good for me in dinner and she was always ready to cook for me. The time changed I grew up and started going to college but for my mother I was still a kid. She used to stay awake all night during my examinations and is still ready to cook for me all the time.
  • Whenever I had to buy something for me she used to buy it for me. When I had to go out with my friends she always used to ask me “Do you have enough cash with you?”
  • After college when I was not getting job she used to motivate me that I will get one and I got one. She was the only one to support me. My mother has always been a support for me.
  • Everyone in my family was against my love marriage, my mother was the only one who was there to support me in my decision. She supported me and convinced everyone in the family for my marriage.
I love you “Maa” for everything you have done for me.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Myntra Mobile App

In, today time everybody wants comfort. Now people have started buying online instead of going to showroom and malls. Buying online saves time and the customer can view wide variety of products online without going to a showroom. With too many options available online customers can look for a product which matches his/her requirement and get the best price for it.

With the advancement in technology people have started using their mobiles for purchasing products online. This is becoming popular day by day and many people have started installing and using the applications which have been developed by the vendor.

Recently, Myntra has come up with its Myntra mobile application. Talking about marketing the application, I think everybody knows about the Myntra app it’s just that people think is this application really useful to them, why would they install an application which just takes space on their mobile phone. In, this case we need to make them aware about the advantages of using myntra application on their mobile phones.

If I had to do the marketing of Myntra app I would have:
  • Myntra app sign up discount: As, I wrote few lines before that people think that why would they install an application which just takes space on their mobile phone. I would offer them with a special mobile app sign up discount which would give them a discount on a product of their choice. This will attract new as well as existing customers who do not use myntra app to install it.
  • Special discounts only on app: Tell the customers about the special discounts which are available only on the myntra app. Still most of the customers look for vendor which offers them the best price. I would have added a comparison meter which would tell the customer that the price you are getting here is the best. Once the customers come to know that Myntra app offers the best price they will definitely install the myntra app.
  • Variety: Customers look for various options in a particular product search. I would have made the customer aware that myntra app has the largest variety of products available as compared to others.
  • App Demo: Telling the customer that the application is user friendly and is easy to use is very important. Also, I would make an app demo which would help the customer to use the myntra application easily.

 These are some simple ways by which, I think you can convince a customer to install myntra app.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

My Airtel App

Accessing services on the go have become necessary in today’s life. Many a times my balance on my mobile number becomes low and I am unable to find a place from where I can get it recharged. Also, checking my mobile phone usage is an issue for me, how much data I have consumed and how much calls I have made are difficult to find. My Airtel app is an all in one solution for my problems. The three key features of my airtel app that best suit my lifestyle are:
  • Recharge Service: It has happened many a times that while I am travelling my mobile balance gets low and I am unable to make calls because of my low balance. While travelling, it’s very difficult to find a place where you can get your number recharged. At times I have been searching for places to get my mobile recharged for hours when I am on tour. With My Airtel app now I can recharge my mobile number or any other number while I am travelling with a variety of payment options available. My Airtel app has made very easy for me to recharge my mobile number within minutes. I use this service the most as I need to recharge my mobile number very frequently. 
  • Offers: Whenever I had to get my mobile phone recharged I used to go to my nearest airtel store and I always used to ask them about the offer on my number and then choose the best offer from it. I have more STD calling than local calling as most of my relatives live outside Delhi. Now with my airtel app it has become very easy for me to find offers which have low STD calling rates on my mobile number. Similarly, I can find many options for roaming and then I can easily choose the best offer at my home by using My Airtel app. There is a wide variety of offers on data packs also.
  • Airtel Money: Airtel money is another great feature in My Airtel app which allows you to recharge your mobile, pay your bills and shop online. You can load money into your airtel mobile number by using your debit card, credit card or netbanking. You can then use your airtel money to buy products, recharge your airtel DTH, book tickets and much more. Now, I can buy product easily and quickly with airtel money.

You can do a lot more with the new My Airtel app. 
  • Get exclusive offers for your mobile number
  • Airtel One Touch Internet Service
  • You can check your balance
  • Features like my data and special features

You can also track your service request and get updates on that. My airtel app is a user friendly app with great features.
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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ek Nayi League

What is this #EkNayiLeague Kapil is talking about?

I think that #EkNayiLeague is about inviting a celebrity on a show which would be hosted by Mr. Kapil Dev and in that show celebrities would be asked questions about their personal life and their secrets in life. If they answer it from the hear it will be a hit-wicket for them as their secrets will come out and their fan would come to know may things about them which they would always want to hide.

When it comes to celebrities we have so many questions in mind about their life. We always think that we will ask them these questions if we get a chance to meet them. There are many secrets in celebrity’s life that we might want to know. They don’t disclose these secrets because if these secrets are out then they don’t know how their fans would react.

The show would be really great as it will be hosted by a celebrity Mr. Kapil Dev and a celebrity asking personal questions to a celebrity would be a fun to watch. This show will help the fans to know more about the celebrities and you never know you might get answers to questions which you have always been thinking to ask them.

#EkNayiLeague may be about asking celebrities questions about cricket. The show may be about how much the celebrities know about cricket. This would also be fun to watch the celebrities talking about cricket. Imagine a bollywood celebrity talking about cricket with Mr. Kapil Dev. It would be really fun watching this and many celebrities would not be able to give right answers.

#EkNayiLeague might be a show in which Mr. Kapil Dev may talk about cricketers and their life. What achievements were made by retired cricketers and how much efforts they have made to achieve success in their career. He might tell about some instances about a celebrity cricketer which nobody knows.

#EkNayiLeague may be about Mr. Kapil Dev telling some interesting things about cricket which nobody knows and then he might call a celebrity on show and interview him/her and asking about how much they know about cricket to test their knowledge about cricket. The show might be about cricket and celebrities.

I have no clue what the show is all about but it seems to me that it will be a very interesting show related to celebrity interviews, talking about their personal life and knowing some secrets about their life which every fan would love to know. I am now eagerly waiting for the show to start and know what the new show all about is. In any of the case it would be fun to watch the show.

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