Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Look Up Story

I have a business of cosmetic manufacturing in New Delhi. It was running great and the brand name was becoming popular day by day. I was receiving orders from all the markets in New Delhi. After a couple of years the market of cosmetics became more competitive and one of our distributors came out with his own brand name. Many multinational companies came into the cosmetic sector. With time the sale of my brand went down and profits became low. It was becoming very difficult to carry on with the business. I had to take loan from the bank to continue my business.

One day, I came to know that my wife is pregnant. I was very happy, but at the same I used to think that how will I manage the hospital expenses. I used to ask for help from my friends and used to take money from them to pay the bills of hospital. I was worried about the future of the little one also, as my business was not running well. The day came and my wife gave birth to a baby boy. It’s an amazing feeling when you hold your baby in your hands. The moment I saw my baby, it gave me a new direction and filled me with optimism and hope for future.

I came back home and started doing a research on all the markets in New Delhi. I made flow charts and did calculations with the data I got from my research. I started meeting new distributors and gave them my price list. I told them about my products and how good they are. After a few days, I started getting response from the new distributors.

They liked my product and gave me some nice orders to complete. My business again started running well. The sales and profits started to increase. After seeing the response I went outside of New Delhi and started exploring the markets in other states. I used to stay away from my family for days. Soon, I started receiving a good response from other states also. My brand became so popular that I had to buy a new and a bigger factory for manufacturing in excise free zone.

Today, my business is running so well that I don’t think before buying anything for my baby. I have my distributors all over India and my sale has almost doubled by what it was before. I have increased my product range and I am getting a good response for the new products also. I have cleared all my pending payments and loan taken from bank. The moment when I saw my child for the first time filled me with optimism and hope for future.

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