Thursday, 5 March 2015

Keep you Baby Dry and Happy

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to find out that why you baby is crying. He/she may be crying because of empty stomach or a because of a wet nappy or diaper. I am sure of this fact that when a baby urinates and is wet he/she will always cry. My baby cries until his nappy or diaper is changed. Now, till the time you change the diaper you need to some funny or silly things so that your baby doesn’t cries much. The sweet, silly and fun things which I do to make my child happy are:

  • I make silly faces: Making silly faces is the oldest trick to make your child happy. A child smiles when you make silly faces in front of him. I know that my baby loves to see me making silly faces because whenever I make silly faces he smiles.  
  • I play his musical moon box: Children love to listen to music. They always react when they listen to music.  I have purchased a musical moon box which plays a soothing music when turned on. When I play the music he listens to the music quietly.
  • I play with his toys: My child likes to see his toys, especially the toys with light. I play with his toys to make him happy and turn on the toys which have lights. He enjoys watching the pattern of lights from his toys.
  • I sing a song: Singing a song to my baby is a fun thing. I sing some nice songs to make my baby laugh. When he cries a lot then also I sing songs for him. Sometimes, I make him listen to devotional music.
  • Make him hold his soft toys: I have bought a lot of soft toys for my baby. Whenever I want to play with him or he cries, I put a soft toy in front of him and he tries to hold the soft toy. My baby loves to hold soft toys. Soft toys are best for babies.  

Apart from doing fun things it is very important to make sure that your baby is dry from outside as well as inside. If the baby is wet from inside and dry from outside then also he/she will feel uncomfortable. To make sure about this it is important to use a good diaper which will keep baby dry from outside as well as inside.

Most diapers only focus on being leak proof and ensure dryness on the outside. Only the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness for your baby on the inside. Its Magic Gel locks in moisture so that your baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. And a dry baby is a happy baby.

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