Monday, 23 March 2015

Guptaji 'Nashte' Par Kab Bula Rahe Ho?

Being a food blogger I love good food. I like to taste new recipes and write my views on them. I believe that a healthy breakfast in the morning gives you a great start for the day. A healthy breakfast in the morning keeps you healthy and fit. I remember long discussions going on in my house for what to prepare in breakfast the next day. I usually avoid heavy ‘paratha's’ made in ghee in the morning by my mom and tell her to give me something light. Instead of oily food I prefer low fat cornflakes or something similar to it. My dad in his sixty’s likes to have light breakfast which keeps him healthy. Having a breakfast which has all the nutrients and is easy to prepare is very good for everyone.

When I read about guptaji’s family and their different recipes I simply fell in love with the recipes.  I showed them to my mom and told her that we can prepare these recipes at home with Kellogg’s cornflakes and they are very easy to prepare. After, a long time I have seen something creative in food and that too with cornflakes.  The recipes are so different and healthy for a nice breakfast. The recipes have cornflakes as an ingredient which is very healthy.  

I will definitely go to guptaji’s house for ‘nashta’ because:

There recipes are very creative and new which seem to taste awesome. Their family seems to be very good by nature and I am sure they will greet me very nicely when I go to their home. I was having a look at the recipes and now I just can’t wait to go to guptaji’s house for tasting the recipes I have seen. My favourite recipe which I would request them to prepare for me would be ‘Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda’.

I like peanuts and when I get them in a dish I can’t miss it. ‘Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda’ is a mixture of fried peanuts, fried daria dal, chapattis roughly broken into small pieces and lightly roasted cornflakes.  The preparation is also not difficult for this recipe and there will not be any burden to prepare it on guptaji’s family. I will also see how they will prepare these recipes so that I can tell my mom to make this at home as these are very healthy dishes and don’t require much experience of cooking. Even, I can prepare these for me when nobody is at home.

There are a whole bunch of reasons to go to guptaji’s house for ‘nashta’. It will be a pleasure to go to guptaji’s house for ‘nashta’. Guptaji I am coming soon at your place for breakfast and will try the new and creative recipes made with cornflakes.

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