Monday, 30 March 2015

Digital India and E-governance

India is taking a step ahead with e-governance. E-governance plan in India is National e-governance plan (NeGP). National e-governance plan will make all government services available to citizens of India via electronic media.
Since, every citizen does not have an internet connection so it will take time to spread all over the country. It will require a lot of research and innovative ideas to implement the e-governance plan. I am happy that Intel supports the Digital India Vision. Intel will help to create a digitized India through its ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ initiatives.
Steps for e-governance have already been taken by the Indian government, one such step is e-aadhaar. I have still not received my aadhaar card and I needed a copy of it urgently. Then I came to know about e-aadhaar website from which you can download your e-aadhaar by entering a few details. The e-aadhaar is digitally signed and can be used anywhere.
Similarly, the government has started providing many services to the citizens which contribute to e-governance such as paying your taxes online, making request for passport, license etc.
In my opinion this is just 1 percent of what all has to be done. Recently, PM Mr. Narendra Modi announce its Digital India campaign which will provide broadband connectivity to around 2.5 lakh villages and making as many schools Wi-fi enabled. Apart from this e-governance is also a part of the Digital India programme. A budget of Rs. 1 lakh crore has been approved by the cabinet for the project.  
The opinions which I have for Digital India #DigitalIndia are:
For, Digital India it’s very important that there should be internet for all. There are many places in rural areas which don’t know about internet. It’s a good step by the Narendra Modi government to provide internet in villages which don’t have an internet connection. It would require a lot of research and calculations to provide internet and computers in villages. The government should provide free access to internet on railway stations and airport.
E-governance is another part of the Digital India Vision. The government should provide all services to its citizen via electronic media. There are still some improvements which are needed in the current e-governance structure.
  • The government should allow online filing of complaints related to sewer, electricity, water and FIR’s.
  • The government should allow electronic voting so that citizens can give votes online.
  • The government should be able to issue passport, driving license, election card online.
  • The Indian government has issued UID (Unique Identification) to every citizen of India. The government can easily link all the details of a person to its UID. Information such as how much taxes that a person pays, license number, voter ID card number, passport number should be linked to UID which will make it easy for the government to provide services to its citizens.
All the complaints that a citizen makes should be connected with UID. 
Aadhaar Card Link

Intel supports the Digital India Vision and I too. Waiting for some more advancements in E-governance by the Indian government with the help of Intel.

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