Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Day Together with Family

There is a time in everyone’s life when he/she needs a break from his/her hectic schedule or stress at office. Spending time with your family on a holiday or a day out gives you strength and motivation and fills you with optimism. The most memorable day of my life was when I went to Chowki Dhani with my family. My schedule at office was becoming very hectic day by day and it was becoming very difficult to handle the work. I was getting frustrated and needed a break to relax.

It was a long time since me and my family went on a day out or a holiday. It was a Sunday evening when we all were sitting and having tea. I told my brother to plan a day out as it has been a long time since we planned a holiday. He also showed interest in the plan for the day out. After a lot of discussion we planned to go to Chowki Dhani next Sunday. I booked the tickets online for Chowki Dhani.

Finally, the much awaited Sunday came and we all were set to leave for Chowki Dhani. Chowki Dhani is around 30 KM from our home. The price of entry ticket was also very reasonable Rs. 500 per adult and Rs. 300 per Child. We all left from home at sharp 10 am so that we may reach on time and see as much as we can at Chowki Dhani. We started with some nice breakfast there. Then we saw Puppet show and I enjoyed a lot watching it. After the puppet show we saw fire performances, variety of cultural fold dances, live pottery and many more activities. I also enjoyed the magic show and the rides.

After all the fun filled activities it was now time for dinner. After a very long time we all were sitting together for dinner at Chowki Dhani. We all had a lot talk on the dinner table. The dinner tasted awesome and the presentation of food was also good. I shared my problems with my father. I told him about my hectic schedule and the increased work at office. He gave me ideas on how to manage work at office. He told me about his experience and how he used to manage work at his office when he was working in State Bank of India as General Manager.

The day was a stress buster for me and the advice which my father gave me proved very good for me. His advice made me manage my work at office more efficiently. My family trip at Chowki Dhani with my family and advice of my father gave me strength and motivation and filled me with optimism. 

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