Monday, 30 March 2015

Digital India and E-governance

India is taking a step ahead with e-governance. E-governance plan in India is National e-governance plan (NeGP). National e-governance plan will make all government services available to citizens of India via electronic media.
Since, every citizen does not have an internet connection so it will take time to spread all over the country. It will require a lot of research and innovative ideas to implement the e-governance plan. I am happy that Intel supports the Digital India Vision. Intel will help to create a digitized India through its ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ initiatives.
Steps for e-governance have already been taken by the Indian government, one such step is e-aadhaar. I have still not received my aadhaar card and I needed a copy of it urgently. Then I came to know about e-aadhaar website from which you can download your e-aadhaar by entering a few details. The e-aadhaar is digitally signed and can be used anywhere.
Similarly, the government has started providing many services to the citizens which contribute to e-governance such as paying your taxes online, making request for passport, license etc.
In my opinion this is just 1 percent of what all has to be done. Recently, PM Mr. Narendra Modi announce its Digital India campaign which will provide broadband connectivity to around 2.5 lakh villages and making as many schools Wi-fi enabled. Apart from this e-governance is also a part of the Digital India programme. A budget of Rs. 1 lakh crore has been approved by the cabinet for the project.  
The opinions which I have for Digital India #DigitalIndia are:
For, Digital India it’s very important that there should be internet for all. There are many places in rural areas which don’t know about internet. It’s a good step by the Narendra Modi government to provide internet in villages which don’t have an internet connection. It would require a lot of research and calculations to provide internet and computers in villages. The government should provide free access to internet on railway stations and airport.
E-governance is another part of the Digital India Vision. The government should provide all services to its citizen via electronic media. There are still some improvements which are needed in the current e-governance structure.
  • The government should allow online filing of complaints related to sewer, electricity, water and FIR’s.
  • The government should allow electronic voting so that citizens can give votes online.
  • The government should be able to issue passport, driving license, election card online.
  • The Indian government has issued UID (Unique Identification) to every citizen of India. The government can easily link all the details of a person to its UID. Information such as how much taxes that a person pays, license number, voter ID card number, passport number should be linked to UID which will make it easy for the government to provide services to its citizens.
All the complaints that a citizen makes should be connected with UID. 
Aadhaar Card Link

Intel supports the Digital India Vision and I too. Waiting for some more advancements in E-governance by the Indian government with the help of Intel.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A New Start With The New Moto E

When I was in college I used a simple mobile phone which could be used to just receive and dial a phone call, for messages and voice mails. Now with the changes in technology came smartphone. A smartphone can do a lot more than just making simple phone calls and text messages. A smartphone with a working internet connection can help you do banking, sharing pictures, guide you with roads and help navigate places you don’t know. Buying, a smartphone for a middle class person like me is not easy. It requires a lot of research to be done so that you can buy a good smartphone in your budget.

First Smartphone

Recently, my smartphone was stolen and I have to buy a new phone. I did a lot of research and found that New Moto E is the best choice for me. The reasons why I would start with Moto E #ChooseToStart are:

The signature software experience in the new Moto E

The new Moto E is designed with a curved back which easily fits in hand.

Custom accents to fit your style: You can easily customize Moto E by choosing a customized colorful Motorola Bands or Grip Shells.

The Motorola Assist feature is the best which I have seen till now.

The Moto E quick capture feature. Simply twist your wrist twice to launch the camera and twist twice again to switch off the front camera.

With a 2390mAh battery it gives a good battery backup. The new Moto E is designed to last for a full day without a recharge.

The new Moto E comes with 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor.

The new Moto E comes with Android Lollipop the latest version of the Android OS.

All these features are enough to let me start #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E. I will soon experience the new Moto E.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Guptaji 'Nashte' Par Kab Bula Rahe Ho?

Being a food blogger I love good food. I like to taste new recipes and write my views on them. I believe that a healthy breakfast in the morning gives you a great start for the day. A healthy breakfast in the morning keeps you healthy and fit. I remember long discussions going on in my house for what to prepare in breakfast the next day. I usually avoid heavy ‘paratha's’ made in ghee in the morning by my mom and tell her to give me something light. Instead of oily food I prefer low fat cornflakes or something similar to it. My dad in his sixty’s likes to have light breakfast which keeps him healthy. Having a breakfast which has all the nutrients and is easy to prepare is very good for everyone.

When I read about guptaji’s family and their different recipes I simply fell in love with the recipes.  I showed them to my mom and told her that we can prepare these recipes at home with Kellogg’s cornflakes and they are very easy to prepare. After, a long time I have seen something creative in food and that too with cornflakes.  The recipes are so different and healthy for a nice breakfast. The recipes have cornflakes as an ingredient which is very healthy.  

I will definitely go to guptaji’s house for ‘nashta’ because:

There recipes are very creative and new which seem to taste awesome. Their family seems to be very good by nature and I am sure they will greet me very nicely when I go to their home. I was having a look at the recipes and now I just can’t wait to go to guptaji’s house for tasting the recipes I have seen. My favourite recipe which I would request them to prepare for me would be ‘Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda’.

I like peanuts and when I get them in a dish I can’t miss it. ‘Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda’ is a mixture of fried peanuts, fried daria dal, chapattis roughly broken into small pieces and lightly roasted cornflakes.  The preparation is also not difficult for this recipe and there will not be any burden to prepare it on guptaji’s family. I will also see how they will prepare these recipes so that I can tell my mom to make this at home as these are very healthy dishes and don’t require much experience of cooking. Even, I can prepare these for me when nobody is at home.

There are a whole bunch of reasons to go to guptaji’s house for ‘nashta’. It will be a pleasure to go to guptaji’s house for ‘nashta’. Guptaji I am coming soon at your place for breakfast and will try the new and creative recipes made with cornflakes.

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Food in Singapore - Explore the Unexplored Cuisine

When we talk about food everyone has its own taste buds. From very spicy to less spicy everybody has its own choice. Some are pure vegetarians and some like only non-vegetarian food. For some people presentation of food is an important factor. Being a food blogger, I have tasted various cuisines at various restaurants. When I started writing for this contest I came to know very interesting facts about food in Singapore. Good food in a city can make you fall in love with it more and more.
  • Some recipes of Singapore food have a good Indian touch.
  • Roti Prata can be combined with any curry and give you an Indian touch of food.
In my opinion People when go out of their country on a holiday they try to find out cuisines which are similar to their country cuisines. I have a different opinion in this context. When I was on my honeymoon to Europe I tried European dishes as much as I could, except those which had beef.  I like exploring new destinations and cuisines. Singapore is my next destination for holiday which I will explore soon. There is a lot of variety of food in Singapore and can match the taste of any person.
Prata Benedict is my favourite food available in Singapore.

Prata Benedict (Image source :

It matches my taste buds and I enjoy it with my beer. Talking about Singapore food it has everything for a food lover and can match taste buds of any person. I will soon blog about the recipe of my Indian Prata Benedict soon.

Laksa Chicken Tikka is another favourite dish of mine which I would love to prepare and have it at my home.

I prepared something very similar to Prata Benedict:
My Indian recipe of Prata Benedict

  • Prata
  • Poached Eggs
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Mint Chutney
  • Onions
Its very easy to prepare Prata Benedict, it is just Prata topped with Poached Eggs and Chicken Tikka and tastes better when served with mint chutney and Onions. It tasted awesome with my beer.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Day Together with Family

There is a time in everyone’s life when he/she needs a break from his/her hectic schedule or stress at office. Spending time with your family on a holiday or a day out gives you strength and motivation and fills you with optimism. The most memorable day of my life was when I went to Chowki Dhani with my family. My schedule at office was becoming very hectic day by day and it was becoming very difficult to handle the work. I was getting frustrated and needed a break to relax.

It was a long time since me and my family went on a day out or a holiday. It was a Sunday evening when we all were sitting and having tea. I told my brother to plan a day out as it has been a long time since we planned a holiday. He also showed interest in the plan for the day out. After a lot of discussion we planned to go to Chowki Dhani next Sunday. I booked the tickets online for Chowki Dhani.

Finally, the much awaited Sunday came and we all were set to leave for Chowki Dhani. Chowki Dhani is around 30 KM from our home. The price of entry ticket was also very reasonable Rs. 500 per adult and Rs. 300 per Child. We all left from home at sharp 10 am so that we may reach on time and see as much as we can at Chowki Dhani. We started with some nice breakfast there. Then we saw Puppet show and I enjoyed a lot watching it. After the puppet show we saw fire performances, variety of cultural fold dances, live pottery and many more activities. I also enjoyed the magic show and the rides.

After all the fun filled activities it was now time for dinner. After a very long time we all were sitting together for dinner at Chowki Dhani. We all had a lot talk on the dinner table. The dinner tasted awesome and the presentation of food was also good. I shared my problems with my father. I told him about my hectic schedule and the increased work at office. He gave me ideas on how to manage work at office. He told me about his experience and how he used to manage work at his office when he was working in State Bank of India as General Manager.

The day was a stress buster for me and the advice which my father gave me proved very good for me. His advice made me manage my work at office more efficiently. My family trip at Chowki Dhani with my family and advice of my father gave me strength and motivation and filled me with optimism. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Bold Step

There is a moment in everybody’s life when you have to take a bold step to fulfill your dreams. To take that bold step you might face some problems, but you carry on with your decision because you know that you have to take this step to achieve your goal in life. There was a moment in my life in which I had to take a bold step to achieve my goal in life. 

When I finished my school, my father wanted me to join our family business of cosmetics manufacturing. I wanted to be an engineer so I said no to my father and told him that I don’t want to join the family business. My family members were also against my decision. I had to convince everyone in my family for my engineering. I told them that I have a very good future after doing engineering.  At first, everyone was against it and then finally I managed to convince them for my engineering. As soon as I got the green signal for my engineering, I started filling up the forms of various universities.  I gave the entrance tests got admission in Indraprastha University, Delhi.

I was called for counseling and was given Information Technology (IT) as my branch. I had the option of staying at home but I opted for the college hostel because I didn’t wanted and disturbance in my studies.  I studied very hard throughout my engineering because I knew it was my decision to do engineering and I had to show to my father that I took a good decision for myself. I scored an aggregate of 75 percentile in my engineering.

Companies started coming for on-campus placements, I gave the interviews of two companies and was not selected. I got tensed as I was unable to get a placement. One day, I came to know that IBM is coming tomorrow for campus drive. I started preparing for it as working with IBM would be a dream come true. I gave the written test and was shortlisted for GD and then interview. They were impressed by me and my skills and I was selected for IBM. I told my parents about my selection in IBM and they were very happy.

After two year of my job, I gave the Common Admission Test (CAT) and scored 99.4 percentile. I did my Master of Business Administration (MBA) in marketing and currently I am working with Coca Cola as a business consultant. I took the bold step and said no to my father when he told me to join the family business to fulfill my dreams. Today, I and my family think that I took a good decision at that time.

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