Monday, 23 February 2015

Hamilton Beach Custom Grinder and Espresso Maker - My Experience

Hamilton Beach Custom Grinder

I always used grounded coffee for making coffee as I had no means of grinding coffee beans at home. Coffee tastes awesome when you use grounded coffee which is freshly grinded from coffee beans. Recently, I was shortlisted by BlogAdda for reviewing the Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Deluxe Coffee.

The Custom Grinder is easy to use and you can use it to grind coffee beans up to 15 Cups of coffee. It has three Grind Modes, Percolator (for coarse grind), Drip (for medium grind) and Espresso (for fine grind)

I have used the grinder mostly in espresso mode. The espresso mode can be used for grinding spices too). The grinding in the custom grinder is very fine. I have fallen in love with this product because the coffee prepared tastes awesome with the freshly grinded coffee beans The grinder can also be used to grind flax seed, spices, herbs, garlic and nuts.

Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker

Talking about coffee machines I have tried a lot of them but was not satisfied with anyone. Recently, I was shortlisted by BlogAdda for reviewing the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker.  I liked the design of the Espresso Maker. At, the back there is a water reservoir which lasts for my week’s coffee. The best thing which I liked about it was its simple use. It’s very easy to select the espresso mode or steam mode. The steam mode is used to give froth to the milk. The pressure in the machine is good enough to give a good amount of froth. 

I have prepared Espresso and Cappuccino till now in it. The Espresso Coffee taste is really awesome. If, you want to make it strong just pour additional coffee to it. It can make Espresso for every type of coffee love from light coffee lovers to strong coffee lovers. When I first made the Espresso coffee and tasted it, it was a little light for me then I increased the amount of coffee and after that the coffee was just of my taste. It, can prepare Espresso for every coffee lover. To prepare espresso put coffee in the espresso filter holder and lock it in the machine using the Filter Holder Locking Lever. Turn on the machine, amber light will light up and wait for the green light to turn on. When the green light comes move the control knob to the Brew position for espresso.

When it comes to Cappuccino, it’s really difficult to get an exact taste a coffee lover. The amount of froth or how strong the coffee is, it is very difficult to get an exact taste for a coffee lover in Espresso Maker. But, I must say the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker does it all. You have to just prepare the espresso in the machine and then take some milk in a different cup, adjust the pressure of the Froth Nozzle using the Froth Nozzle wrench and turn the control knob to Steam Position to create froth in the Milk. Then when you will mix the espresso with the milk some nice cappuccino coffee will be made for you. When you are done using the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker turn the Control Knob to the Standby position and turn it off.

Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker is a must for all coffee lovers.

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