Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Five Things on My Bucket List

My life has always been full of tensions. I have to look after my whole family as I am the only earning member. I have to do savings and give monthly installments of my car loan also. So, in all a lot of responsibilities are on me. In this fast moving life I have always been unable to fulfill my dreams and aspirations.  If given a life without any constraints and nothing to hold me back, the five things which would be on my bucket list are:

1. Going on a World Tour: Till now I have been watching my dream destinations only on television.  I like to travel and I have always been dreaming of going on a world tour but could not because of the responsibilities and constraints of my life. I cannot spend money on my world tour as I have to look after my whole family and time has also been a constraint for me always.

2. Tasting Food in Restaurants: I am a food blogger and I like to visit new restaurants to taste food. I get a lot of invites for food tasting sessions or cooking events but I am unable to go because of my work and time constraints. If given a life which is constraint free I would visit these restaurants, taste new dishes and review them.

3. Playing Games on my PlayStation 3: I love gaming, when I was a kid I used to spend my most of the time playing video games. My mom used to scold me that if you will play video games all time and will not study you will fail in your exams. I always used to think when I will grow up I will play games all the time. But, now I don’t get a single minute to play video games on my television because of my responsibilities and time constraint.

4. Party with Friends: When I was in college I and my friends used to party every weekend. When we all left college we decided that we all will still meet every weekend and party together. As, the times passed we all got busy in our lives and we could not meet because of time constraint. I got too busy in my life that whenever they met I could not make up. There are a lot of responsibilities on me that I had no time and was always occupied in my work.

5. Spending Quality Time with Family: I am always occupied in my work that I can’t remember a time when I spent quality time with my family. My wife is always complaining that you are too occupied in your work that you don’t have time for me. I know my family wants my time. I like to spend time with my wife and my little one but I have to work and earn so that I can save and secure the future of my family. If given a constraint free life I would spend some quality time with my family.
Raho Befikar Umar Bhar

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