Friday, 23 January 2015

Words Unleashed

Valentine’s Day, the day when every lover wakes up and tries to propose his/her love in a very special way. Everyone, buys new clothes and dresses up nicely to give a good impression to his/her love. Love is in the air, everyone wants to cherish the moment of love. 

Like any other lover this day came into my life also. My crush was in my MBA class. When I first saw her an adrenaline rush through my veins and the only thing that came in to mind was that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Slowly and steadily she swiped my heart and it was a deep crush that made my nights sleepless. Her name was Mansi and she used to sit two seats ahead of me in the class.

I always used to admire her beauty since the day I saw her toppled with her sweet nature and peppiness. I always had this thing in my mind to propose her as soon as possible before anyone does it, and take her away from me. So, what better day it could be than Valentine’s Day. Till that time we became good friends and I took her to a mall for shopping. There was a contest in that mall, there you had to propose your lady love and sing a song for his/her.

Many came and went with their prepared love ballads. Suddenly, I had that urge in me to go upstage and tell her about my feelings for her. At that time, there were about 500 people who all gathered to have fun and listen to all mad lovers.

Like one mad lover I went up to the stage, spoke her name and I said the three magical words (I love you) and proposed her to be my Valentine. I had also been preparing a song for her since ages which I sang and that became a hit. After, doing all these love confessions I was dumbstruck to see her reaction and was scared if she felt awkward on that.  Thanks to the cupids she smiled, gave a grin and yelled back that she loved me too.

I was on cloud 9 after seeing her positive reaction and felt as if I have won the World War III inside me. It was definitely a bold step that I took to please the love of my life who is my wife today. These small gestures in life are unforgettable. Sometimes, you have to take up steps to propose your loved one and showcase your feeling instead of keeping them within yourself.

I wouldn’t have thought of anything better than this way of proposing my crush on Valentine’s Day.  

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