Saturday, 31 January 2015

Quikr NXT - Maintain Your Privacy when Selling Online

With it has now become very easy to sell your products online. It allows you to post free advertisements of your product. You can even sell your used products online and get a good price for it. also helps you to calculate, the MSP (Maximum Selling Price) of your product and this MSP can be used as a selling price for your product.

The only problem which I used to face in this process of buying and selling online was:

  • Privacy: Privacy has always been a problem for the seller as you have to provide your contact information along with the advertisement. Nobody wants his/her contact information to be shared publically.
  • Information:  It’s very difficult to get every bit of information about the product in the advertisement along with the pictures. Some of the information which a buyer wants may not be there in the advertisement.
Recently, when I read about Quikr NXT, where the buyer and seller can immediately connect with each other through chat across Quikr’s mobile application, mobile site and even its desktop site my problem of maintaining my privacy and getting complete information about a product was solved.

Thanks to Quikr NXT!!!

I would definitely prefer chat over a phone call because:

1. Easy to Share Pictures: Pictures are easy to share on chat you just have to send them. Consider a case, in which the seller has uploaded a picture which has the front view of the product. Now, the buyer wants to have a look at the back view of the product.  With Quikr NXT the seller can easily click and send the picture of the back view of the product in just a few seconds over the chat, rather than going by the old method of first uploading the picture and then being viewed by the buyer, which is very time consuming. 

2. Privacy is maintained:  I don’t like sharing my personal information to unknown people. Previously, I had to give my number while posting an advertisement as a preferred mode of communication. Now, with Quikr NXT I can easily maintain my privacy. All I have to do is click the ‘Maintain my Privacy’ in my ‘Contact Information’ while posting my advertisement.

3. Chat History: It is very difficult for a seller to recall which buyer quoted what when negotiating over a phone call. The same goes for the buyer, if there are multiple sellers selling the same item it becomes very difficult to recall the price quoted by each seller. This problem is easily solved by the Chat history feature. The user can easily go to the chat history, which is usually maintained in the cache and read the last quoted price.

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