Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Quikr and My Transfer to Bangalore

It’s very difficult to settle down in a new city and that too in a metro city like Bangalore. Recently, I was transferred to Bangalore. The first thing which I had to do was to find a house or an apartment on rent as my company provided me with an accommodation for a week only. I was worried as I was new in the city and had no one who could help me. A friend of mine told me about this site  He told me that you can find anything you want on Quikr.

I came back home and logged on to Quikr and the first thing which I started finding was an apartment on rent. Honestly speaking this site made my job of finding an apartment very easy. I just went to the section Houses – Apartment for Rent and selected the appropriate filters like No. of Rooms -  1 BHK, Price Range – 1001 – 10,000 etc and I got a huge list. You can further filter your search by location and area also. Simply WOW!!!

The next thing which I needed was to buy some furniture for my apartment. Buying a new furniture was out of my budget. I needed a nice and a low cost furniture for my apartment as I had to call my whole family to Bangalore. So, I again logged on to Quikr and selected the Home and Lifestyle Section to find some nice furniture for my newly rented apartment. I got a lot of options to select from and I could easily filter my search with the filters provided.

I was in Sales and urgently needed a bike to travel in Bangalore. This task of finding a bike was really tough as I had no clue on how to start my search. I looked for it on Quikr and I found one easily. I simply opened the Motorcycle section and filtered my search by Price and Year. One by one Quikr started solving all my problems.

 The next thing which I needed was a Laptop. I had to prepare Sales report and daily reports for this I needed a Laptop on urgent basis. I logged on to Quikr and in the Electronics & Appliances Section selected Laptops - Computers section. I got a plenty of results for my query and easily found a nice and reasonable Laptop which was in my budget.

The last thing which I needed was a Plumber and Electrician for small repairs at my apartment. I logged on to Quikr and went to the Services section and found one in a couple of minutes. Quikr made it easy for me to settle down in Bangalore. Without Quikr it would have been a tough.

Thanks to So, everything was done and I could easily relocate to Bangalore.

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