Thursday, 18 December 2014

Unravel my Kids Memories

Vacations are more fun with children. My children complete my family. Watching your kids playing and enjoying makes you happy. I feel really good when I tell my kids about a certain place that we as parents have visited and they listen with a lot of interest as if its their story time.  It is a pleasure sharing your childhood with a generation which yearns to listen and enjoy your experiences of life.

My kids have always loved to travel. A sheer adrenaline rush goes into their veins when they hear about another adventure to be unpacked with a handful of beautiful memories that they will cherish. I would ensure that my kids explore places of knowledge and give them a good playtime.

My kids are fond of visiting amusement parks where they enjoy rides and make sure that they get tired enough to have their best of dreams. They love to watch animals and see how they get adapted into the mother nature.

They love to visit fiestas where their favourite canopy of the most treasured cartoon has been displayed and click pictures with it. Buying their favourite cartoon character goodies is their favourite part of shopping. My children enjoy playing indoor games where most of their time goes into learning and applying their own observation and time. I would make sure that I carry their favourite indoor games on my vacations. They love to play Chess, Carrom, Ludo and always have that winning stride in them. Games like Brainvita gives them a charge when they feel bored looking out of the window while we are travelling.

My kids enjoy water so I make sure that whenever I plan my trip I book a hotel which has all the facilities including a swimming pool. They wear their favourite cartoon character swimsuits and jump into the water and splash with fun.

Investing time in my kids is the most precious thing I can offer to them. The more wisely you invest in them the more closer you become... Just like their most favourite cartoon character sleeping under their arms. Watching my kids enjoy whatever I plan in my vacations gives me a sense of achievement. It is for them I live and seeing their happy faces gives me a sigh of relief that life revolves around them. I feel that vacations should always  be planned keeping in mind the fun and the enjoyment of kids. Enjoying seeing them growing up with a plethora of memories that we as parents nurture and cherish for lifetime is the best thing that can happen with any parent. I feel that my kids have really grown with me and feel that their happiness is what I have been able to live up for.

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