Sunday, 21 December 2014

Pre-Marital Sex - A binder of Trust, Love and Emotion

Relations are threads which only binds with emotions, love and trust. Marriages these days have fallen prey to how two people get binded with the trust, love and emotion. I have used trust first because I feel it only comes valid when you get married.

Pre-Marital sex is a norm for which I strongly agree because it is a mixture of love, trust and emotions how well I will define all these three factors in my post is an opinion agree or not. Sex has become a mundane ordinary and routine activity for a married couple on the contrary it excites and is a medium of orgasm for youngsters who are unmarried. Getting into pre-marital sex is not a crime. It involves a compulsion for two people who unknowingly or knowingly(love) get involved in it. 

I would define unknowingly as a fact that they get involved in it for pleasure and passion. I have seen many couples getting involved in it and sometimes fruitfully taking it to marriage. I will state few example where I will define with love, emotion and pleasure.

With love it is done with pure pleasure and getting to know how well your partner is in bed. Because happiness and pleasure can only be experienced through pre-marital sex if you are thinking about getting married (today' generation thoughts). With emotions it can be defined as both the boy and the girl doing it for filling a gap which cannot be filled with pure love. With pleasure I will define it as lust which is uncontrollable and by nature defined as "opposite sex attracts". It is healthy until and unless it is leading to an emotional dismantle both at the girl's and the boy's side where they try to commit illegal act. 

Society will never accept the fact that pre-marital sex has no harm rather it is a way of protecting yourself from the clutches of inner passions, societal frauds and pure love. I want to put is an opinion that meer sex does not prove the purity in any relation be it before marriage and after. Marriage is a union of souls rather than bodies. It is how well you define nudity rather than condemning it based on societal norms.

I will share an example with a movie called No Strings Attached the whole idea behind it was that sex actually does not have any strings love can only act as a role play in life. When a couple get involved in Pre-marital sex its not that they want to end up their relation getting married only rather it is a way of expressing your body to the opposite sex. 

At the end of the day it's how you think and imagine and put yourself on a platter in front of your opposite sex. It is not a norm or stigma, it's how well you prove yourself each day that there is nothing "wrong" in it.

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