Friday, 26 December 2014

My Ungroomed Look and the Interview

It was mid December a few years back when I was in my college. I was very lazy at that time and never used to shave or take bath until my body odor reached the maximum level (usually it took a period of 15 days so you can imagine).

I still remember it was very cold outside and I didn't felt like going to college but I still managed to go to college without taking bath and with an ungroomed look. As soon as I reached my college I came to know that IBM is coming for on campus placements today.

I was feeling very tensed because of my ungroomed look and I lost half of my confidence. When I entered my class one of my friend Prateek said to me "Abe tujhe pata hai aaj IBM aa rahi hai?". I replied "Mujhe pata hai Prateek" then he said "Abe tune shave bhi nahi kari" and he started laughing. Somebody in this world has said true about friends i.e, when you are in tension they instead of helping you make you more tensed.

I went out of the college and tried to find a Saloon near my college but suddenly I realized that today is Tuesday and all Saloon's will be closed(another shock for me). It was 11.00 AM and only half an hour was left for the interview to start so could not go home for a shave (all doors shut) because my house was around 12 KM from my college.

The interview started and I was 4th in the list. There were three members in the selection panel. They started asking me about programming and my skills. I was happy and thought they don't care about my ungroomed look but my happiness ended when the third member o the panel asked me "Mr. Aditya how often you shave?" I could not answer and I was rejected because of my ungroomed look.

That day I realized that you should groom yourself (take bath and shave) daily. So, now my golden rule:

In rain or in winters
In hurry or in late
Shave Daily or Alternate Days
For Confidence and Existence
Groom Yourself
Use Gillette 
and don't miss an opportunity.

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