Saturday, 13 December 2014

Fear Away My Self

In the hustle bustle of life and daily chores one tends to forget the faces of life which have caused fear and trauma in mind. I will share one of my greatest and the deepest threat in life i.e. to swim. I know it sounds cliche “ to swim” but yes… swim,  one of my greatest fear seeing my face in the deep water, pounding to come above and drowning , shouting and asking for help!!  Water phobia is one that kills many; mine was at its highest when I was asked to jump from a cliff near Rishikesh river rafting in the water of Ganga. 

A sudden adrenaline rush took over me, and took me into deeper thoughts of reaching my deathbed. The momentary version of seeing myself drowning, overcome and for one moment I choose to overcome my fear and I jumped (I was wearing a life jacket though)... zip zap and zoom. The thundering water shove on my face very hard, my eyes could not see anything, and zoop I was floating in the deepest river of the country i.e. Goddess Ganga. I came out safe, ahhh.. that moment when you feel that you are on top of the world, and you feel that you have overcome your biggest fear is worth sharing. That day and today, I am no less than a big mouth blabbering about my fearful experiences with everyone. 

Recently when I was traveling to Goa with my husband I again faced a situation where I had to overcome my water fear . It was when doing the water sports in the sea, I was asked to be thrown in sea with my life jacket on and swim to the shore with the waves. I was all geared and took it very sportingly since my fear of water had gone with the Ganges. It was an amazing experience where my loss of life, visuals of deathbed could not be seen and only life, adventure and fun was in my mind. The best part was I was feeling free, as if I have reached to something which is called the bliss in life. 

In life your fear teaches you many things, it teaches you to rise above all and prove that life is much beyond death. Unconquered under the realms of reality. Overcoming your fear gives you a sigh of relief that life is to take challenges and prove that victory counts. Just like the good wins over evil. Similarly your thoughts of being scared of anything would be washed away once you just try to take it up as a challenge. One thing learned, do not fear and just like me fear away yourself!!. 

I have overcome my fear of swimming have you overcome your fear yet? "Rise above fear" - Mountain Dew

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