Saturday, 6 December 2014

Airbnb and My Wishlist of 5 places

Airbnb is a website from where you can find and rent unique places to stay. I like the concept of this website. It’s now very easy to find and rent accommodations with Airbnb. 

My referral link on Airbnb

  1. I love Mumbai and my first choice of place is a house in Bandra, Mumbai with sea view. I like sea views and it would be really great to stay here and enjoy the sea view from this flat. The flat looks nice and is fully furnished. The flat can accommodate four guests and has one bathroom. I think this will be the best accommodation which will fit in my budget and is near to other places in Mumbai.
  2. My next choice is a Colonial Mansion in Udaipur. Udaipur City of lakes, I have never been to this place and my next place to visit on my travel list is Udaipur. I personally love visiting traditional places and enjoy the type of food these places have. Living in a mansion with my entire family would be really great. Since, it’s suitable for 4 guests so it’s a good choice of option for me. It has two bathrooms which I think are good enough. The place has kitchen so I can cook my own food too.
  3. My third choice of place is a 130 year old British Bungalow. I love hill station and living at a hill station in an old property would be really great. I will be soon planning a holiday with my entire family to Nainital. The best accommodation which I could find in my budget was this 130 year old British bungalow. It can accommodate 10 guests and has 6 bedrooms which is a pretty good number. I would really love to stay at this place in Nainital.
  4. My fourth choice is a one bedroom apartment in Sharjah, Dubai. I have heard a lot about Dubai and now I am planning to go to Dubai next year with my wife. I am planning to go to Dubai at the time of Dubai Shopping festival. I think that this is the best accommodation which I could find in Dubai for me an apartment with one bedroom. It can accommodate 2 guests and has one bedroom which is ideal for my stay.
  5. My fifth choice is Colonels Retreat Home in Jammu. My wife love natural beauty and the best place known for natural beauty in India is Jammu and Kashmir. I am planning to travel to Jammu with my wife and other couple friends next year. The place has lots of facilities and can accommodate 9 guests and has 9 bedrooms. This place would be an ideal place to live in Jammu. 
Airbnb made it easy for me to find accommodations for rent. 

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