Friday, 4 July 2014

The Rolling Parantha’s with Borosil

Being a Punjabi I love Parantha’s made in desi ghee with butter. As we Punjabi’s say ‘O Desi Ghyo De Paranthe te saath vich makkhan’. It was a Sunday I got up late, got fresh and took bath late. It was 12 noon and I was feeling very hungry. I looked in the refrigerator there was nothing good to eat. In about a minute my mom came and said ‘Beta, are you feeling hungry’ I replied ‘Yes, Mom’ and then Mom asked ‘Will you have parantha’s today in your Sunday Brunch’ I took a thought for a second and replied ‘Why, Not’. She started preparing paranthas for me.

I asked her to make Aloo and Paneer Parantha’s for me. Waiting for the parantha’s the picture of the food was again and again coming into my mind. Aloo and Paneer chopped finely and mixed together and then stuffed into atta. The softness of paneer and aloo mixed together what a taste it is. The parantha’s then when served with white butter (which my mom makes at home), just awesome.

In about ten minutes my mom brought the much awaited parantha along with tea to finish my hunger and what a presentation it was with the parantha in the Borosil Plate and the white butter in a Borosil Bowl and the tea in Borosil Cup and Saucer. It seemed to be that as if the paranthas are saying to me just put butter on us, roll us and put us in your mouth. The presentation made me hungrier than before. I ate more than my usual diet. A bite of parantha and a sip of tea an amazing combination and a good taste.

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