Friday, 4 July 2014

Manchurian and the Dancing Noodles with Borosil

Yesterday evening I was craving for Chinese and when I reached home my luck my wife made Noodles and Manchurian for me. Thin noodles made with lots of onions (I am an onion lover) and capsicum finely chopped in it. The right amount of Vinegar and Soya Sauce makes it even better. The fragrance which you get from the noodles makes you crazy.

The Gravy Manchurian with the right amount of salt and spices in it makes it tastier. Round shaped fried Manchurian balls with gravy on them makes you hungrier. You can’t resist having the amazing combination of Noodles and Manchurian.

When my wife brought the Noodles and Manchurian in the Borosil Bowls the presentation looked awesome and it seemed that noodles are dancing and saying see how tasty we look, see the cap of onion on us and see this capsicum how tasty it is come and have us. Talking about the Manchurian it seemed that the Manchurian balls were saying to me eat us with noodles see how tasty we look in this brown dress. I was so hungry that I ate it all. When my wife came and said you ate it all I didn’t even tasted it. So, I had to take her to dinner that night but an amazing Noodles and Manchurian I had.

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