Monday, 7 July 2014

King of Curries- Rajma with the Shahi Pulao in my Borosil

Whenever mom used to ask me what would you like to have for the Sunday Lunch my answer always was “Mom make Rajma rice”. Later when she got to know my so called “taste” making good food for her and judging my mood swings became easier. Favourite food always has a favourite corner in your mind and heart for me rajma rice was a delight. 

Mom serving Rajma decorated with coriander in her favourite borosil wear was a yummy treat to die for especially garnished with a pinch of masala on it. The transparent bowls gave a feeling of a sheer madness for an ardent foodie like me when you wait for a fresh hot lunch meal to be served for you. As they say “That the presentation of food adds more to the hunger” therefore my curry served in a borosil was the best answer and a must to wait for. Shahi pulao explicably decribed in a borosil wear again gave a bolt of joy and played with my taste buds adding a lot of more colour and zeal for me.

Today, tomorrow and forever serving curries especially my Rajma has to be in a Borosil because it keeps the food “fresh, fumed and favourite” for me. 

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  1. Yummy mom-made Rajma... :-)

  2. Well written to tempt your readers... All the best for the contest...

    The Arts & Me

  3. I love Rajma Rice too!
    Best wishes, Aditya :)