Sunday, 27 July 2014

Black is Black!!

Black is black and is the best color. Black color is my favourite color it goes with all. Whether it is a black T-shirt or Jeans or suit or a Car all look awesome when black. Black is a mysterious color for me and it signifies the Hindu God Shani. People sometimes relate Black Color to Lord Shani.

The Five things which are on my Blacklist:
1. The Black Hole: Black hole is still a mystery for everyone and I want to explore the unexplored. I really like adventures and exploring the Black hole will be the biggest adventure of my life. I want to be the first one to reveal the mystery of Black Hole.

2.  My Black Hair: I want to go in my hair and destroy all the dandruff in my hair. I really don’t like scratching my head all the time because of dandruff. Dandruff irritates you so much that sometimes you really want to get all you hair removed from your head.

3.  Black T-shirt: Black is my favourite color and I like black color for my T-shirts. Black looks really good on me. A black T-shit with a cool print on it will really look good. I can wear a Black T-shirt every day.  

4.  Black Jeans: Black Jeans give a great combination for my black T-shirt. The best combination which I can wear is Black T-shirt with black jeans. Black jeans with some nice patches of leather at the joints wil look awesome. 

5.   Black Mercedes: My favourite a black color Mercedes. I always wanted to buy a Mercedes a luxury car which will give me a good and elegant look. I imagine myself going in a Black Mercedes what a classy look it gives.
Awesome is the word for Black color It goes with everything.
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