Wednesday, 2 July 2014

ASUS SUPERFONE and the Key 'Q'

Yesterday night I slept thinking about what should I write for this contest. Thinking about just one superpower and that too for ASUS PHONE was not just enough. So, I thought about few of the superpowers which my phone should have so that I could see what others can’t see and do what others can’t do.
  1. Everybody thinks that he/she might have not done something (mistake) in the past or what will be their future in coming years. So, a superpower which can take you to any time past or future. 
  2. A superpower that can change your size or shape. The power which can make you small or big in size so that you can go anywhere.
  3. A superpower that can change you to any animal or bird or any living being.
  4. A superpower that can make me travel with the speed of light. Imagine you are talking to someone and while talking you reach him in seconds.
  5. A superpower which can make me help others by signaling me of any crime happening and since I can travel with the speed of light I could easily reach there and help.
  6. A superpower which can give answer to any question which has a database of everything.
  7. A superpower that can understand sign languages.

Next morning when I woke up at my usual time i.e. 8 AM and picked up my phone a voice came from my phone “Your phone has been transformed to the new ASUS SUPERFONE 10 powered by”, I couldn’t understand what was happening. The voice said “Press 0 for the manual”.

I pressed ‘0’ and a laser came out of the phone and an introduction started telling me about the features of the phone and what could I do with this phone. The lists of features were: 

  1. Press “A” to travel to a time you wish to (Format DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS).
  2. Press “S” to change your body size (in cms and duration in seconds).
  3. Press “U” to change your species. (Enter the name of species and duration in seconds)
  4. Press “S (Twice)” to help others at a remote location and “S(Thrice)” to return.
  5. Do not enter the keyword “Q (Thrice)” as this will restore the factory settings and you will be taken back to the Day 1 and with no superpowers left except power (4).

I started navigating through the manual to look out for an option that can give me money all the rest were not of much use to me but could not find this lucky option unlucky me as “No money, No Honey”

So, now it was time to use these superpowers. The first thing that came into my mind was to travel back to time and change my decision to propose my girlfriend. From the day she came to my life I have no money in my pocket and even my bank account has started deprecating. So, to change that first I had to remember when did I proposed her and it was a difficult task as you don’t remember mishappenings in your life. After, thinking for a long time I remembered the date and an approx. time. I went back in time, changed my decision and came back. In, my happiness I forgot that yesterday I gave her 10,000 rupees so I again entered the time to travel and thought would do this after taking my money back but I couldn’t. I started to look into the manual for this problem and what I found was:
Note: After travelling to time once you cannot travel to it again.

A loss of Rs.10,000.
Now, I thought of using my second superpower of changing my size. My AC pipe was leaking since days so I thought of decreasing my size and go into my AC pipe. I changed my size to fit into the pipe and entered the duration for 30 seconds. When I went into the pipe a horrible experience I had the whole pipe was stinking like hell and the pipe was leaking because of a small hole at the end. Finally I found the problem and still 5 seconds were left to be back to normal and a big Spider came so I could not do anything except running here and there. The spider was just half a meter away and the time elapsed thank god.
Now, it was time to use the third superpower of changing my species. Down the street was a dog and I was really pissed off by that dog because every morning he use to sit on my car. I thought of telling to him not to do this in his language, silly dog. I changed my species and entered the duration I told him and he agreed not to sit on the car after a settlement of two biscuits a day “A dog will be a dog”. Still some seconds were left to be back to normal and another mishappening. I was seen by two more dogs and they started running towards me. I started thinking why the hell they are running towards me than I came to know that I am standing on a bone. I ran from there towards my home and thank god the time got over.
Now, I really wanted to help somebody so I pressed “S (Twice)” suddenly I came near Karol Bagh Market (Read it on a shop) and I saw some thieves trying to rob a girl. She was wearing a gold chain and was shouting at the back lane. I went towards the thieves and saved that girl and what a co-incidence she was my girlfriend. She thanked me and I came back home.

Sitting at home when I combined all the keyword of the superpowers the word which came out was “A S U S” a combination of superpowers.
I realized that the superpower to help other was the best superpower I used except this all got me into small troubles. “So, if I really want a superpower in my phone it would be a superpower to help others.”
This is not the end of the story readers.
Thinking about my girlfriend I slept at night. The next day when I opened the door I had my credit card statement of Rs. 10,000 to be paid in 2 days. I gave my money to my girlfriend and she was no longer with I was missing her a bit now. Also, I had that dog sitting at my door for his two biscuits. After, a thought I decided to restore the phone to its factory settings. I pressed Q (Thrice) and I woke up with an alarm. It was 8 AM in the morning and two missed calls from my girlfriend on phone and when I opened the door I saw the dog sitting on my car.
So, what I experienced was a dream or was this because of the restoration of factory settings on my phone. Thinking about this I reached my office and everything was as usual boring. During, my lunch I received a phone call and I was shocked to listen. It was a voice saying help needed Press “S (Twice)” to reach the remote location. 
The above story is a fictional story written for the Contest In Search of Incredible by ASUS ( and


  1. Very innovative post indeed. Had a good time reading. Hope you will like my post too -

  2. Really creative & relevant, Aditya!
    Yes, we need as these Superpowers ASAP!
    All the best for the contest!

  3. Very nice post Aditya.Loved the way you demonstrated the Phone features! :)