Thursday, 17 July 2014

Adding Zest to my Life!!

The five thing that zest up my life are :

1. My Car – Whenever I get over- stressed and tensed with my work pressure I go out for a long drive with my wife in my Tata Indigo and discuss all my tensions and problems with her. A nice Sufi music and a long drive with my better half zest up my life and I get ready to get back to work with some nice solutions to my problems. A nice car and a long drive can zest up your life.

2. My Television - Watching some comedy shows on TV after my long day hectic schedule makes me laugh and make me forget the whole day long stress which I have had. Watching movies with a popcorn tub in my hand adds to it. Lying on bed and watching TV zest up my life.

3. Delicious Food – Being a food blogger I like to have delicious food. Nice and good food zest up my life. Going to new restaurant and exploring new kinds of food, new type of dishes also add to zest of my life. Apart, from this I like to do experiments with food. Making new combinations in food and food art further adds to the zest of my life. So, I keep on making new dishes in my kitchen.

4. New Gadgets – I am a gadget freak and I like to buy and use new gadgets which are up in the market. I keep on exploring e-commerce websites and buy new gadgets as soon as I see one. I can still remember my craziness of surfing and buying gadgets online late night even during my examinations

5. Playing Games on my PS2 – I like Playing games on PS2 and clearing rounds of the games and sometimes playing a multi-player game with my friends makes me relax and forget all tensions and  zest up my life.

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest

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