Sunday, 27 July 2014

Black is Black!!

Black is black and is the best color. Black color is my favourite color it goes with all. Whether it is a black T-shirt or Jeans or suit or a Car all look awesome when black. Black is a mysterious color for me and it signifies the Hindu God Shani. People sometimes relate Black Color to Lord Shani.

The Five things which are on my Blacklist:
1. The Black Hole: Black hole is still a mystery for everyone and I want to explore the unexplored. I really like adventures and exploring the Black hole will be the biggest adventure of my life. I want to be the first one to reveal the mystery of Black Hole.

2.  My Black Hair: I want to go in my hair and destroy all the dandruff in my hair. I really don’t like scratching my head all the time because of dandruff. Dandruff irritates you so much that sometimes you really want to get all you hair removed from your head.

3.  Black T-shirt: Black is my favourite color and I like black color for my T-shirts. Black looks really good on me. A black T-shit with a cool print on it will really look good. I can wear a Black T-shirt every day.  

4.  Black Jeans: Black Jeans give a great combination for my black T-shirt. The best combination which I can wear is Black T-shirt with black jeans. Black jeans with some nice patches of leather at the joints wil look awesome. 

5.   Black Mercedes: My favourite a black color Mercedes. I always wanted to buy a Mercedes a luxury car which will give me a good and elegant look. I imagine myself going in a Black Mercedes what a classy look it gives.
Awesome is the word for Black color It goes with everything.
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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Adding Zest to my Life!!

The five thing that zest up my life are :

1. My Car – Whenever I get over- stressed and tensed with my work pressure I go out for a long drive with my wife in my Tata Indigo and discuss all my tensions and problems with her. A nice Sufi music and a long drive with my better half zest up my life and I get ready to get back to work with some nice solutions to my problems. A nice car and a long drive can zest up your life.

2. My Television - Watching some comedy shows on TV after my long day hectic schedule makes me laugh and make me forget the whole day long stress which I have had. Watching movies with a popcorn tub in my hand adds to it. Lying on bed and watching TV zest up my life.

3. Delicious Food – Being a food blogger I like to have delicious food. Nice and good food zest up my life. Going to new restaurant and exploring new kinds of food, new type of dishes also add to zest of my life. Apart, from this I like to do experiments with food. Making new combinations in food and food art further adds to the zest of my life. So, I keep on making new dishes in my kitchen.

4. New Gadgets – I am a gadget freak and I like to buy and use new gadgets which are up in the market. I keep on exploring e-commerce websites and buy new gadgets as soon as I see one. I can still remember my craziness of surfing and buying gadgets online late night even during my examinations

5. Playing Games on my PS2 – I like Playing games on PS2 and clearing rounds of the games and sometimes playing a multi-player game with my friends makes me relax and forget all tensions and  zest up my life.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

From fragrance of Flowers and Fruits to Smell of Petrol

Talking about fragrance everybody has its own choice. Some like Rose, some Jasmine, some sandal and so on. Some like fragrance of fruits like Lime, Orange or even mango. 

I still remember a cousin of mine came to my house and when I offered him mango to eat he said bro I don’t eat mango I don’t like the smell of mango. Weird it was, but anyways everybody has its own choice I personally like mangoes and its fragrance too.

A friend of mine is crazy about chocolates and likes its fragrance so he keeps a bottle of chocolate sauce in his car just for the fragrance. Some choices of fragrance are so weird like my friend has; he likes the smell of petrol. I also like the smell of Petrol

From fruit fragrances to flower to a petrol smell everybody has its own choice for it.

Talking about my evocative travel experience I one experience I still remember which brought me close to nature and some nice fresh fragrances was my Nainital and Ranikhet Trip from Delhi. A day before the trip I got the Godrej aer car freshener for my car and was nice and long lasting.

I went with my in-laws on this trip. We started our journey late in the night to avoid the no entry at various routes in Delhi. It was 4.30 AM in the morning we were around 50 KM away from Nainital and I came out of the car to see the sunrise. The beautiful sunrise and the cold breeze on the hills and a mix fragrance of Roses, Lily and Marigold was an experience of a lifetime.

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After, reaching Nainital we stayed there for two days and then continued our journey to Ranikhet. On, our way to Ranikhet there were Mango trees, Litchi and Guava Trees. I came out of the car and got some mangoes from the mango tree. 

The fragrance which the fresh mangoes had was awesome. In seconds the fragrance of mango had spread in the whole car. I had never seen a fresh mango like this in Delhi with such a fresh fragrance. It was an experience to remember.

Image Source :

A fragrance which makes you feel the freshness of it no matter where you are in the car or in your room it will work great!!! Like, if you have a lime car perfume it should make you feel as you have a lemon cut into two just next to you that is what I call a fresh fragrance.

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

KRISP - New Bakery Shop in Karol Bagh



KRISP is a newly opened bakery shop in Prehlad Market near Ramjas Road, Karol Bagh. I have tried out the pastries and grilled sandwiches here and they are good. They have many more on the menu.

 The place is nice with around a small sitting for 3 - 4 people.

Location : B-19, Prehlad Market, D.B. Gupta Road,  Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 5 (Near Ramjas Road)

Telephone: 09312456207

Monday, 7 July 2014

King of Curries- Rajma with the Shahi Pulao in my Borosil

Whenever mom used to ask me what would you like to have for the Sunday Lunch my answer always was “Mom make Rajma rice”. Later when she got to know my so called “taste” making good food for her and judging my mood swings became easier. Favourite food always has a favourite corner in your mind and heart for me rajma rice was a delight. 

Mom serving Rajma decorated with coriander in her favourite borosil wear was a yummy treat to die for especially garnished with a pinch of masala on it. The transparent bowls gave a feeling of a sheer madness for an ardent foodie like me when you wait for a fresh hot lunch meal to be served for you. As they say “That the presentation of food adds more to the hunger” therefore my curry served in a borosil was the best answer and a must to wait for. Shahi pulao explicably decribed in a borosil wear again gave a bolt of joy and played with my taste buds adding a lot of more colour and zeal for me.

Today, tomorrow and forever serving curries especially my Rajma has to be in a Borosil because it keeps the food “fresh, fumed and favourite” for me. 

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Friday, 4 July 2014

Manchurian and the Dancing Noodles with Borosil

Yesterday evening I was craving for Chinese and when I reached home my luck my wife made Noodles and Manchurian for me. Thin noodles made with lots of onions (I am an onion lover) and capsicum finely chopped in it. The right amount of Vinegar and Soya Sauce makes it even better. The fragrance which you get from the noodles makes you crazy.

The Gravy Manchurian with the right amount of salt and spices in it makes it tastier. Round shaped fried Manchurian balls with gravy on them makes you hungrier. You can’t resist having the amazing combination of Noodles and Manchurian.

When my wife brought the Noodles and Manchurian in the Borosil Bowls the presentation looked awesome and it seemed that noodles are dancing and saying see how tasty we look, see the cap of onion on us and see this capsicum how tasty it is come and have us. Talking about the Manchurian it seemed that the Manchurian balls were saying to me eat us with noodles see how tasty we look in this brown dress. I was so hungry that I ate it all. When my wife came and said you ate it all I didn’t even tasted it. So, I had to take her to dinner that night but an amazing Noodles and Manchurian I had.

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The Rolling Parantha’s with Borosil

Being a Punjabi I love Parantha’s made in desi ghee with butter. As we Punjabi’s say ‘O Desi Ghyo De Paranthe te saath vich makkhan’. It was a Sunday I got up late, got fresh and took bath late. It was 12 noon and I was feeling very hungry. I looked in the refrigerator there was nothing good to eat. In about a minute my mom came and said ‘Beta, are you feeling hungry’ I replied ‘Yes, Mom’ and then Mom asked ‘Will you have parantha’s today in your Sunday Brunch’ I took a thought for a second and replied ‘Why, Not’. She started preparing paranthas for me.

I asked her to make Aloo and Paneer Parantha’s for me. Waiting for the parantha’s the picture of the food was again and again coming into my mind. Aloo and Paneer chopped finely and mixed together and then stuffed into atta. The softness of paneer and aloo mixed together what a taste it is. The parantha’s then when served with white butter (which my mom makes at home), just awesome.

In about ten minutes my mom brought the much awaited parantha along with tea to finish my hunger and what a presentation it was with the parantha in the Borosil Plate and the white butter in a Borosil Bowl and the tea in Borosil Cup and Saucer. It seemed to be that as if the paranthas are saying to me just put butter on us, roll us and put us in your mouth. The presentation made me hungrier than before. I ate more than my usual diet. A bite of parantha and a sip of tea an amazing combination and a good taste.

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