Thursday, 5 June 2014

The 2T's Transform and Technology

The things which keep me hooked to technology while I am on the move:

Banking & Recharge

It was a Friday night when I was making a dinner plan with my wife over the phone. I was in the metro traveling from Dwarka to Karol Bagh and suddenly while talking the call got disconnected. When I looked at the screen the network strength was full. I was confused that why the call got disconnected; then in a few seconds I received a message on the screen “Last Call Duration: 13:02 Current Balance: 0”. My mobile balance was 0. So, what I did I took out my ASUS Laptop and Data Card and got my recharge by doing an online recharging my on my carriers website thanks to technology I got my number recharged on the move.


Yesterday I received a call from boss while I was travelling to home. He said “You didn’t mail me the presentation which you will give tomorrow in the meeting”. So what I did I took out my ASUS Laptop and Data Card and mailed the presentation to my boss while I was on the move thanks to technology.


I usually travel alone so I really get bored in my travel. Sometimes I play games on my mobile. Playing games on my mobile is a good time pass when I am travelling from office to home.

Sharing Pictures, Videos and Music

An awesome weather and you see clouds in the sky and you click a picture. I share these pictures with my friend on the move using my ASUS Laptop and Data Card by uploading them to Facebook. I can easily share my pictures with my friends.

Another way of passing time while traveling is listening to some good music. Apart from playing games I listen to Music while traveling.

Updating my Blog:

I just thought of a story in my mind and I can easily update it on my blog on the move. I can update my blog on the move.
These entire things will keep me hooked to the new “Transformed” T100. Apart, from this one feature which would definitely keep me hooked to ASUS Transformer Notebook T100 is:


My Laptop battery is low and I urgently need to use it. You can charge your ASUS Transformer Notebook T100 with the portable keyboard. Now that’s what I call technology.
ASUS Transformer Notebook T100
ASUS Transformer Notebook T100 is a 2 in 1 Ultraportable Laptop with 10-inch Tablet. The Tablet comes with some extensive features and awesome specification in its category.
"A new Technology needs Transformation and brings Transformation that's what ASUS has brought with its new ASUS Transformer Notebook T100."
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  1. That was brief and point to pint. Quite clearly you were an ICSE student ;)

  2. All these are much needed! Nice post, Aditya!
    Best wishes :)