Saturday, 5 April 2014

Amar and Nature's Punishment

This is the story of a 12 year old boy named Amar who lived in a small village called Indipur. Indipur was one of the most beautiful village in MidTown.  His father was a rich farmer in there. Amar was very naughty and unfriendly with nature and animals. He used to throw stones on stray dogs, pigeons and crows sitting near his house. Pluck flowers from plants and leaves from trees.  His friends used to tell him that you should not throw stones and pluck flowers or leaves they are also living beings and feel the pain when you hit them with stones. One day god will punish you. He used to ignore all these wise word of his friends.

One day Amar was coming back from school a dog came running towards him and bit him on his leg. He started crying loudly. The villagers took him to his house.  He had to bear the pain of injections. After, a few days his father crops were destroyed due to excess use of fertilizers. They had to sell their gold and household items to bear the losses.
Amar started realizing his mistakes that he did in past and now god has punished him for his wrong things. After, few days when he revived a drastic change came in him. He started feeding dogs with milk and bread, pigeons with 'Makki' and 'Bajra' and bread for crows. He also started to give water to plants and trees. 

Dogs and birds became friendly with him or in other words he became friends with nature.
After, a few months new crops grew in his father farm and this time the harvested crops were double as compared to the previous years and the losses were recovered.
This way Amar became friends with nature.

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A fictional story.

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