Friday, 11 April 2014

From Low Charge to Full Charge

When I received this product I didn’t used it for a long time. I used to use my regular shampoo. One day I thought of trying Sunsilk Natural Recharge as I got irritated with my rough hair even after using my regular shampoo. After, using it what happened to my hair was remarkable. But before telling you what happened after using Sunsilk Natural Recharge I would like to share my hair story with you.

I go daily to Sadar Bazar to sell my products and because of pollution and dust my hair used to become rough. I had to do shampoo daily as I had no solution. By the end of the day my hair used to get rough and I kept on scratching my hair and the end result was hairfall. Even after a daily shampoo my hair always had a Low Charge.

When I used Sunsil Natural Recharge it made my hair smooth. It recharges your hair for a longer period. Now instead of doing a shampoo daily I do it once in three days thanks to the new Sunsilk Natural Recharge and doing a shampoo once in three days saves my money also.

The fragrance is fine but the product worked great on my hair. It kept my hair smooth for a longer time and now I have less hairfall.

Thanks to the all new SUNSILK NATURAL RECHARGE my hair battery got fully charged from low charge.

Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner

Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner
 The price is also decent.

A nice and effective product. Worked great on my hair.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Le Shamrock - Irish Bar, Connaught Place

In search of another restaurant to review I came out with this Irish Bar called Le Shamrock. I took a deal of this from for Rs. 1000 and believe me it was worth it. Six drinks, Two Snacks, Two Main Course with Rice or Breads and Two desserts that too including taxes what else can you expect in this amount.

Irish Bar
Le Shamrock
The sitting is both at ground floor and first floor. The live music and Karaoke nights are performed at the ground floor. The bar is at the ground floor and kitchen at the first floor.

Ground Floor
Fist Floor
The snack were also good I ordered one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian from my fixed menu.

Chicken Sticks with Olives

Cottage Cheese with cheese filling

I ordered Dal Makhani and Chicken Tikka in my main course and Brownie and Blueberry Cake in dessert.

And, guess what they have some Spirited Irish Coffee(s) on the Menu

Spirited Coffes
Overall, a nice experience with coupon.

Location: 1/90, Block P, Daulatram House (Opp. PVR Rivoli), Connaught Place, New Delhi -110001

Rating: 4/5

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Amar and Nature's Punishment

This is the story of a 12 year old boy named Amar who lived in a small village called Indipur. Indipur was one of the most beautiful village in MidTown.  His father was a rich farmer in there. Amar was very naughty and unfriendly with nature and animals. He used to throw stones on stray dogs, pigeons and crows sitting near his house. Pluck flowers from plants and leaves from trees.  His friends used to tell him that you should not throw stones and pluck flowers or leaves they are also living beings and feel the pain when you hit them with stones. One day god will punish you. He used to ignore all these wise word of his friends.

One day Amar was coming back from school a dog came running towards him and bit him on his leg. He started crying loudly. The villagers took him to his house.  He had to bear the pain of injections. After, a few days his father crops were destroyed due to excess use of fertilizers. They had to sell their gold and household items to bear the losses.
Amar started realizing his mistakes that he did in past and now god has punished him for his wrong things. After, few days when he revived a drastic change came in him. He started feeding dogs with milk and bread, pigeons with 'Makki' and 'Bajra' and bread for crows. He also started to give water to plants and trees. 

Dogs and birds became friendly with him or in other words he became friends with nature.
After, a few months new crops grew in his father farm and this time the harvested crops were double as compared to the previous years and the losses were recovered.
This way Amar became friends with nature.

This post is written for Nature's Friend Contest (

A fictional story.