Saturday, 15 March 2014

You are Cordially Invited to My Marriage on 2nd May 2060 on Mars

Its year 2060 people have started to settle on Mars. Life has come to Mars. People who were rich have started to move there. Everything has changed except the meaning of word love and emotions attached to it. My love story started 6 years back in 2054 when I met a girl named Mansi in My MBA College. We both were in the same class and moreover lived nearby at Indiblogger Apartments in Saket, Delhi. We used to sit together in the classroom, go to canteen together, studied together prepared notes together. One day we both realized that we can’t live without each other and decided to get marry once we get our jobs after completing our MBA.

We both completed our MBA in 2056 and I started looking for a job to settle. But, my bad luck I could not get one for almost one year. At last, I got a job in a publication house as a Marketing manager not at a good salary but something was better than nothing. It’s 22nd March 2058 I received a call from Mansi she said that ‘I and my family are moving to Mars’. His father was shifting his business to Mars because of excise free planet and tax-free planet. I was shocked and said ‘Let’s meet and talk’. The very next day we met at a place called B-bar in Saket.  She said that ‘She has to go’. We both were in tears when we left from the restaurant.

I could not meet her for 2 years as I could not afford to go to Mars. We used to talk on satellite phones. One day she told me that her father has fixed up her marriage with a Punjabi Boy in Mars and she is getting married next month. She told her father about me but her father didn’t like me as I was not very rich. It took five days to reach Mars via London through British Airways Space Shuttle other companies took around 10 days. I started arranging money for my travel to Mars. 

Ticket Prices

Five days were left and I was still short of 1 Lakh Rupees. I sold my gold coin which my father gave me as a good luck charm. Now I had all the money but I was short of time only four days were left. I lost all hope as it took five days to reach Mars. I was helpless then suddenly a news flash came on my mobile that British airways has started the fastest Space Shuttle to Mars which takes only two days to reach Mars from London. 

Space Shuttle British Airways
The picture was used at many blogs and sites so could not find the
correct source the edited picture with logo is created by me.

Now, my route was from New Delhi -> London -> Mars. I booked my tickets and left for Mars. Thanks to British Airways I reached Mars on time. At the same time I received a message on my satellite phone and I was very happy. I told her father that we both love each other very much. He said ‘My son you don’t have a good job in your hand and you are not so rich how you will manage my daughter expenses’? I said to him that just a few minutes ago I received a message and I have got job in a billion dollar company called ‘’ at very high pay scale. He fixed my marriage with her daughter.

It’s 28th April 2060 and you are cordially invited to our marriage at Mars on 2nd May 2060. Use British airways Space Shuttle the fastest and the most comfortable experience.



  1. Interesting and unique take on contest. Now tell me, are u serious about 2060 in Mars :p Enjoyed !

    1. Thank You!!! Glad you liked it.. It's just a fiction :)

  2. An interesting take on the prompt Aditya. Loved your futuristic story. All the best :)

  3. Wow! Science Fiction & cool marriage-invitation! Unique story!
    Best wishes, Aditya!

    1. Aditya,
      I have tagged you for 'My Memorable Memento contest'.

      Do check out my post for more details:
      Looking forward to your entry :)

  4. Wow! a sci Fi :) very interesting. All the best for the contest Aditya !!

  5. Hey Uniquely imaginative post !