Monday, 3 March 2014

The Skyscanner Meet - The Largest IndiMeet ever

The Skyscanner Indiblogger meet was held at Le Meridien on 1st of March. This was my fourth Indiblogger meet and this was the largest meet ever with around 400 Indibloggers. I reached to the venue half an hou before time. I met Karan Kumar I met him after a long time as he could not make it for the previous two meets by Indiblogger.

Me and Karan (Ohhh!!! I look sleepy in this) Source : FB page

We started with the registrations as usual this time we had badges to write our name and our blog's name. This was a nice concept as I could easily read the name of unknown blogger and address them by their names and even know their blog's name. Then we had some nice lunch and desserts. I must say from a food bloggers point of view the 'Jalebi Rabri' was awesome. Then we had a look at the pictures posted by the indibloggers for the #skyscanning contest on twitter. Some were really good and the winner of the contest won a domestic flight return ticket. 

Hoping to win one while writing this post.

After this, there was a Selfie activity in which you have to take pictures by yourself with anyone in picture. The best picture won a domestic flight return ticket. The indibloggers who clicked maximum selfie's also won some nice goodies.

Selfie Activity : Source: Indiblogger,in FB Page

Winners of selfie contest  Crazy pic : Source : FB Page 

Then there was a twitter contest in which the indibloggers had to tweet about an international destination you would like to visit and with whom. The winners won some nice goodies.Then a fun activity in which Anoop from IB team said three criteria and those who qualified the criteria were told to stand and unexpectedly the indibloggers sitting won goodies.

Then the team from Skyscanner told us about skycanner. They told us how you can search for holidays across India with best prices with Skyscanner. It has has a calander view and can tell best days to fly to a particular destination. You can also subscribe to a particular destination. Subscription can help you notify when the price goes down for a particular destination and a lot more. One of the team member of skyscanner asked about what do you think is the safest place for women.

Lady from the Skyscanner team : Source : FB Page

'It was Singapore'

Then we had the team treasure hunt activity in which we were supposed to travel from one country to another in search of some interesting things using the skyscanner mobile app. We had to search for the lowest possible fare in which you could complete the treasure hunt. Our team Team No.5 won the quest.

List of things to find in Treasure Hunt: Source : FB Page

Then there was Tea break which was needed badly. Then some of the indibloggers shared their experiences of travel to international destinations.

Then there was photo session and finally some nice giveaways this time which had T-shirts, Travel pouches and name tags. 

Indibloggers : Source : FB Page

IB Team : Source : FB Page

The Skyscanner page

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