Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Playing with my Hair - A New Style gives me a New Look

Being a male when I talk about my hair I too want to play with it. To me, playing with my hair means changing my hairstyles often as I like to have different looks. Sometimes I want to keep my hair short and sometimes I want to keep my hair long and sometimes even a pony.

I even want to color my hair from front with brown color. Brown hair looks cool on men and I know it will look good on me too. Playing with hair, even men can do that. Short hair with coloured hair in front will look awesome.

The only problem I face is keeping long hair for a long time. My hair becomes so oily in a day even after a Shampoo. I think its because my hair secretes too much of oil. My oily hair is keeping me away from keeping long hair and even a pony. Another, problem which I face is my hair becomes rough very soon as I go to small markets where there is dust and pollution.

My Oily hair
 And as far as colouring my hair is concerned I will soon get them coloured if I win the Saloon Voucher.

Hair Styling gives me a whole new look. A new look of me comes out with a new hairstyle that's why I like to play with my hair. 

A new hairstyle
A new look
I play with my hair
To get a new look

This post is written as a part of #DovePlay. contest watch the Dove Play Video HERE


  1. Interesting take Aditya, you are one of the few males who were brave enough to participate in this contest. All the best :)

  2. Just wrote it so that I do not miss any contest on Indiblogger :)

  3. Precise post Aditya! See you in coloured hair in the next meet. :)