Monday, 10 March 2014

Me and the Smelly People around Me

I daily go to Sadar Bazar. It's one of the biggest wholesale market in Delhi. When I have to go to the market in the afternoon to supply my company items some people really smell so bad that you can not even stand near them. To deal with smelly people in the market I daily use deodorant spray and even use perfume on my handkerchief and smell it when there is too much of bad smell from the people standing near me in the market.

The situation even gets worse when I enter my distributor's shop the shop is at the center of Sadar bazar in Gali Matke wali so its crowded with customers and the people there smell so bad that it's unbearable. I only know how I daily manage to go to Sadar Bazar and collect payments from my distributors in such shops. After, all I earn my bread from my work.

If people whom I know smell really bad at the Shop I even say to them - "What's that Smell Boss?". Sometimes the smell is so prominent around you that you have to bear with as you have no option.

To deal with all this I even keep a small bottle of perfume in my pocket.

 I know its cold in the morning so they cannot take bath but that's why the geysers are made for. So, people please take bath every morning someone is near you when you are in public places. I use Racold geyser at my home.

Racold Geysers at my Home

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