Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cashback and Coupons - Only

This is a 2 day conversation between two brothers Aditya and Karan and one sister Lakshmi:

Day 1:

Lakshmi: "Aditya bhaiya I want to have Pizza and Garlic Bread from Dominos."

Aditya: "Okay which pizza and garlic bread will you have?"

Lakshmi: "I will have Farmhouse and Garlic Bread with Cheesy Dip."

Aditya: "Ok. (Calls Dominos and orders the Pizza). Lakshmi I have ordered your Pizza."

Lakshmi:  "Thanks Bhaiya."

"The Bell rings after 20 minutes"

Aditya: "Karan will you open the door."

Karan: "Sure Bhaiya."

Aditya: "Who is it?"

Karan: "Aditya Bhaiya; have you ordered any Pizza from Dominos?"

Aditya: "Yes Karan."

Karan: "Aditya Bhaiya you got the Rs. 15 Cashback?"

Aditya: "Cashback whats that?"

Karan: " offers cashback when ordered through their website."

Aditya: "Is it. I must have ordered from their website. Thanks Karan from next time I will order from only."

Day 2:

Aditya: "Karan, see my new mobile I bargained and got it 4000 Rs. only. A nice bargain! I did"

Karan: "Aditya bhaiya you could have got it for Rs. 3800?"

Aditya: " How?"

Karan: "If you order through you get Coupons."

Aditya: "What’s this all about?"

Karan: "It provides cashback and coupons on an extensive range of products and services such as travel,
lifestyle, apparels, electronics & the list goes on…"

Aditya: "Awesome Karan. Now I will use only for my purchases online."

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