Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Karan and the Smelly Tribe - Read at your own Risk

This story is about Karan who had a really smelly encounter a few weeks back. Karan was an electronics engineer and used to maintain a very good hygiene. He was very particular about cleanliness and used to take bath three times a day.  

He doesn’t even used to go to crowded areas because of the smell that people have because of sweat. His biggest nightmare was to imagine himself between people with sweat all over the body with a stinking smell.
One day he was driving to Gurgaon, Delhi to install a heating ailment at the client side. At, Dhaulakuan he entered an unknown road and reached an unknown place. He could not find an exit. He came out of the car. The place was surrounded by trees everywhere. He heard a lot of voices of wild animals and got scared. Fortunately, he saw a cave and went towards the cave. He was just about to enter the cave and was horrified by something unusual and smelly. He started to think “What’s that smell boss?”He saw cow-dung everywhere and insects were flying on it.

He had no option as wild animals were there outside the cave. He went in and saw a backward tribe of about 100 people and everyone was so stinky. Waves of smell that’s what Karan was going through. He could not even breathe.  The cave was very cold from inside and the water in the river which flowed inside the cave was cold too. He asked from them is there any exit from here. A man named Mushi among them knew Hindi he gave him a warm jacket and told him that doors of this place open twice in 1000 years and will open again in next 5 days. He could not believe this and started thinking about the torture of smells he had to bear.
He asked Mushi the people here do not take bath, it’s so smelly here and the cow-dung at the entrance stinks too much. He told Karan that this place is so cold that one day a man from our tribe tried to take bath and died of heart attack because of the cold water. We do not have electricity and heating instruments to heat water.  He told that people even don’t even wash-off after going to the toilet, after that incident.

Karan could not sleep the whole night because of the smelly waves. He woke up and thought of an idea which changed the way the tribe lived. He asked Mushi "Do you have wires here?"  Mushi replied "I can’t say but we have a junkyard at the backside."  Karan found everything he needed there at the junkyard. He made a 'Gobar gas Plant' for the tribe and the fuel was the Cow-dung.

He had a heating ailment with him which he was taking along with him to fit at the client side. He made a geyser out of it. Mushi told the tribe in their language about the geyser and the 'Gobar gas plant'. The whole cow-dung was used in the ‘Gobar gas Plant’. The tribe people took bath one by one with the warm water. They even started to wash-off after going to the toilet. The smelly tribe turned into a clean tribe. The 5th day came and Karan went home.

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This is fictional story.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cashback and Coupons - Only

This is a 2 day conversation between two brothers Aditya and Karan and one sister Lakshmi:

Day 1:

Lakshmi: "Aditya bhaiya I want to have Pizza and Garlic Bread from Dominos."

Aditya: "Okay which pizza and garlic bread will you have?"

Lakshmi: "I will have Farmhouse and Garlic Bread with Cheesy Dip."

Aditya: "Ok. (Calls Dominos and orders the Pizza). Lakshmi I have ordered your Pizza."

Lakshmi:  "Thanks Bhaiya."

"The Bell rings after 20 minutes"

Aditya: "Karan will you open the door."

Karan: "Sure Bhaiya."

Aditya: "Who is it?"

Karan: "Aditya Bhaiya; have you ordered any Pizza from Dominos?"

Aditya: "Yes Karan."

Karan: "Aditya Bhaiya you got the Rs. 15 Cashback?"

Aditya: "Cashback whats that?"

Karan: " offers cashback when ordered through their website."

Aditya: "Is it. I must have ordered from their website. Thanks Karan from next time I will order from only."

Day 2:

Aditya: "Karan, see my new mobile I bargained and got it 4000 Rs. only. A nice bargain! I did"

Karan: "Aditya bhaiya you could have got it for Rs. 3800?"

Aditya: " How?"

Karan: "If you order through you get Coupons."

Aditya: "What’s this all about?"

Karan: "It provides cashback and coupons on an extensive range of products and services such as travel,
lifestyle, apparels, electronics & the list goes on…"

Aditya: "Awesome Karan. Now I will use only for my purchases online."

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

You are Cordially Invited to My Marriage on 2nd May 2060 on Mars

Its year 2060 people have started to settle on Mars. Life has come to Mars. People who were rich have started to move there. Everything has changed except the meaning of word love and emotions attached to it. My love story started 6 years back in 2054 when I met a girl named Mansi in My MBA College. We both were in the same class and moreover lived nearby at Indiblogger Apartments in Saket, Delhi. We used to sit together in the classroom, go to canteen together, studied together prepared notes together. One day we both realized that we can’t live without each other and decided to get marry once we get our jobs after completing our MBA.

We both completed our MBA in 2056 and I started looking for a job to settle. But, my bad luck I could not get one for almost one year. At last, I got a job in a publication house as a Marketing manager not at a good salary but something was better than nothing. It’s 22nd March 2058 I received a call from Mansi she said that ‘I and my family are moving to Mars’. His father was shifting his business to Mars because of excise free planet and tax-free planet. I was shocked and said ‘Let’s meet and talk’. The very next day we met at a place called B-bar in Saket.  She said that ‘She has to go’. We both were in tears when we left from the restaurant.

I could not meet her for 2 years as I could not afford to go to Mars. We used to talk on satellite phones. One day she told me that her father has fixed up her marriage with a Punjabi Boy in Mars and she is getting married next month. She told her father about me but her father didn’t like me as I was not very rich. It took five days to reach Mars via London through British Airways Space Shuttle other companies took around 10 days. I started arranging money for my travel to Mars. 

Ticket Prices

Five days were left and I was still short of 1 Lakh Rupees. I sold my gold coin which my father gave me as a good luck charm. Now I had all the money but I was short of time only four days were left. I lost all hope as it took five days to reach Mars. I was helpless then suddenly a news flash came on my mobile that British airways has started the fastest Space Shuttle to Mars which takes only two days to reach Mars from London. 

Space Shuttle British Airways
The picture was used at many blogs and sites so could not find the
correct source the edited picture with logo is created by me.

Now, my route was from New Delhi -> London -> Mars. I booked my tickets and left for Mars. Thanks to British Airways I reached Mars on time. At the same time I received a message on my satellite phone and I was very happy. I told her father that we both love each other very much. He said ‘My son you don’t have a good job in your hand and you are not so rich how you will manage my daughter expenses’? I said to him that just a few minutes ago I received a message and I have got job in a billion dollar company called ‘’ at very high pay scale. He fixed my marriage with her daughter.

It’s 28th April 2060 and you are cordially invited to our marriage at Mars on 2nd May 2060. Use British airways Space Shuttle the fastest and the most comfortable experience.


Monday, 10 March 2014

Me and the Smelly People around Me

I daily go to Sadar Bazar. It's one of the biggest wholesale market in Delhi. When I have to go to the market in the afternoon to supply my company items some people really smell so bad that you can not even stand near them. To deal with smelly people in the market I daily use deodorant spray and even use perfume on my handkerchief and smell it when there is too much of bad smell from the people standing near me in the market.

The situation even gets worse when I enter my distributor's shop the shop is at the center of Sadar bazar in Gali Matke wali so its crowded with customers and the people there smell so bad that it's unbearable. I only know how I daily manage to go to Sadar Bazar and collect payments from my distributors in such shops. After, all I earn my bread from my work.

If people whom I know smell really bad at the Shop I even say to them - "What's that Smell Boss?". Sometimes the smell is so prominent around you that you have to bear with as you have no option.

To deal with all this I even keep a small bottle of perfume in my pocket.

 I know its cold in the morning so they cannot take bath but that's why the geysers are made for. So, people please take bath every morning someone is near you when you are in public places. I use Racold geyser at my home.

Racold Geysers at my Home

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Playing with my Hair - A New Style gives me a New Look

Being a male when I talk about my hair I too want to play with it. To me, playing with my hair means changing my hairstyles often as I like to have different looks. Sometimes I want to keep my hair short and sometimes I want to keep my hair long and sometimes even a pony.

I even want to color my hair from front with brown color. Brown hair looks cool on men and I know it will look good on me too. Playing with hair, even men can do that. Short hair with coloured hair in front will look awesome.

The only problem I face is keeping long hair for a long time. My hair becomes so oily in a day even after a Shampoo. I think its because my hair secretes too much of oil. My oily hair is keeping me away from keeping long hair and even a pony. Another, problem which I face is my hair becomes rough very soon as I go to small markets where there is dust and pollution.

My Oily hair
 And as far as colouring my hair is concerned I will soon get them coloured if I win the Saloon Voucher.

Hair Styling gives me a whole new look. A new look of me comes out with a new hairstyle that's why I like to play with my hair. 

A new hairstyle
A new look
I play with my hair
To get a new look

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Monday, 3 March 2014

The Skyscanner Meet - The Largest IndiMeet ever

The Skyscanner Indiblogger meet was held at Le Meridien on 1st of March. This was my fourth Indiblogger meet and this was the largest meet ever with around 400 Indibloggers. I reached to the venue half an hou before time. I met Karan Kumar I met him after a long time as he could not make it for the previous two meets by Indiblogger.

Me and Karan (Ohhh!!! I look sleepy in this) Source : FB page

We started with the registrations as usual this time we had badges to write our name and our blog's name. This was a nice concept as I could easily read the name of unknown blogger and address them by their names and even know their blog's name. Then we had some nice lunch and desserts. I must say from a food bloggers point of view the 'Jalebi Rabri' was awesome. Then we had a look at the pictures posted by the indibloggers for the #skyscanning contest on twitter. Some were really good and the winner of the contest won a domestic flight return ticket. 

Hoping to win one while writing this post.

After this, there was a Selfie activity in which you have to take pictures by yourself with anyone in picture. The best picture won a domestic flight return ticket. The indibloggers who clicked maximum selfie's also won some nice goodies.

Selfie Activity : Source: Indiblogger,in FB Page

Winners of selfie contest  Crazy pic : Source : FB Page 

Then there was a twitter contest in which the indibloggers had to tweet about an international destination you would like to visit and with whom. The winners won some nice goodies.Then a fun activity in which Anoop from IB team said three criteria and those who qualified the criteria were told to stand and unexpectedly the indibloggers sitting won goodies.

Then the team from Skyscanner told us about skycanner. They told us how you can search for holidays across India with best prices with Skyscanner. It has has a calander view and can tell best days to fly to a particular destination. You can also subscribe to a particular destination. Subscription can help you notify when the price goes down for a particular destination and a lot more. One of the team member of skyscanner asked about what do you think is the safest place for women.

Lady from the Skyscanner team : Source : FB Page

'It was Singapore'

Then we had the team treasure hunt activity in which we were supposed to travel from one country to another in search of some interesting things using the skyscanner mobile app. We had to search for the lowest possible fare in which you could complete the treasure hunt. Our team Team No.5 won the quest.

List of things to find in Treasure Hunt: Source : FB Page

Then there was Tea break which was needed badly. Then some of the indibloggers shared their experiences of travel to international destinations.

Then there was photo session and finally some nice giveaways this time which had T-shirts, Travel pouches and name tags. 

Indibloggers : Source : FB Page

IB Team : Source : FB Page

The Skyscanner page