Monday, 10 February 2014

Combining Knowledge from India and UK - KNOWLEDGE IS GREAT

Knowledge is an Ocean and an ocean is very big. The first question that came into my mind while writing this post which may come in everybody’s mind was that 'Why should I go to UK for further studies when I can study in India?'

It was not very difficult to answer this question but first I would like to bring out a point which I feel when somebody is going out of India for studies. I remember a few years back when my cousin was going abroad for his further studies it became just a matter of show off. Everybody was saying ‘Oh UK, he has gone to UK for further studies.
I am afraid that most of the people whom I have met think this. So is it only a matter of show off when someone goes abroad for studies. My answer is a big 'NO'. What do you think?. Coming back to my question as I said knowledge is an ocean and an ocean is very big.

I want to open a multi-cuisine restaurant in India. Now, if my studies are limited to only Indian Cuisine and those available in India how will I gain knowledge about the cuisine all over the World? Just knowing the recipe is not enough.

The answer lies here ‘To gain knowledge about different cuisines and to experience them I need to go to abroad for further studies’.   In simple words ‘To explore different cuisines all over the world and expertise my skills I will go to UK for further studies’.

The illustration shows that combining the studies from India and UK I can expertise my skills of world class cuisines.

If I get a chance to Specialize in a subject of my choice in UK it would be Hotel Management Course because I want to open a Multi - Cuisine restaurant in India and I want to expertise my skills and want to know the insights of every dish that I will have in my restaurant. For, this I would definitely need to go abroad. Moreover, the western culture in few years has evolved in India. Going to UK for further studies will really help me in growth of career and expertise my skills of Hotel Management.

I would like to study the course in Oxford Brookes University as it is one of the best University for Hotel Management in the world. The research programmes at Brookes University are among the world's best. The Oxford School of Hospitality Management has great infrastructure and skilled people. I am sure I will learn a lot there.

The British Council in India also provides scholarship to deserving students for higher studies at UK. Studying at Oxford Brooke University will be a dream come true for me.

Studying and Exploring the 
Ocean of Knowledge and 
Expertise my Skills in UK would be 
Great that is why #KnowledgeIsGreat

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  1. Written straight from the heart, Aditya :)
    Nice to know of your dream. Now I get the connection- why you review & write Posts about Restaurants! Hotel Management course is a great choice that'll perfectly serve your interests.
    May you fulfill your dream and takeaway lots from the ocean of knowledge :)

    1. Thank You!! You got it right mam that's why I like to try new dishes and go to new restaurants :)