Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Lively and Beautiful Home - Only with Asian Paints

Whenever I think or everybody thinks of a beautiful and lively home the first thing that comes into the mind is the color on the walls. Whether it should be a normal paint or a texture paint all this comes into our mind. In my opinion the most important thing above all the decorations and Interior designs are the colors on the wall. Colors bring out the beauty of the house so should be bought carefully. A hanging on a wall nicely painted with a good paint may look very beautiful an the same may look bad on a wall painted with a low quality paint.

To create my home gorgeous and beautiful I would:

Firstly, A nice paint on walls and one wall with texture paint. The texture paint on one wall makes the room look beautiful. There should be a good contrast between the texture painted wall and the other walls.

Texture Paint

 Secondly, A nice wooden furniture which could match the color of the pain which I have used in my home. A nice, simple and elegant furniture makes the home look more beautiful. So, choose a nice furniture which could match the color of your walls.


Thirdly, The decorations and interior designs should be done in such a way that they look nice. The room or house should not be overfilled with the decorations, lampshades or wall hanging. The use of nice paintings on the wall makes the room and house beautiful.

Fourthly, The wooden work like almirah's should be designed nicely. The wooden work in the house also contributes to the good looks of the house and room.

Fifth, Some nice matching mix and match Curtains.

Almirah & Lamp Shades

The most important is the paint we choose to color the walls 

Nice Colors on Wall
Lively Decoration and,
Interiors in House
A Name that bring Colors
to House and Life,

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