Friday, 14 February 2014

The Milaap Project - Your help can bring a Change

Their hopes are high and they need your help. I am writing this post for The Hope project by Milaap. The Milaap project identify deserving borrowers and the amount of financial assistance they need via Field Partners who. You can go to their site and choose your own cause for which you want to donate.

I have chosen to donate to Jnana Jyothi Public School is located in a village in Devanahalli Taluka. The school is managed by Mr P Suresh, a young and dynamic educator who wants the best education for the children from the local community. Currently the school has classes from 1-8, and has about 250 students. There are 10 teachers on board. There are some urgent repairs to be done to the school building. Mr Suresh has requested Varthana, Milaap's field partner, for a loan of Rs 200,000 for carrying out the repairs and renovation of the school building. The newly renovated building will mean that the students will have a conducive environment to learn and grow. (Source:

The children of India are future of  our country. You can make your contribution and let the children of this school study in a cleaner environment. Donate and shape the future of the students of  Jnana Jyothi Public School.

And what you pay you get it back as Credits and you can further donate it.

How it Works?

The Loan cycle on Milaap is a simple four-step process.

Step 1:

Choose a borrower to lend to from the list of profiles on our site. You could choose one based on their story or from an impact area that you feel strongly about.

Step 2: 

You make a loan online. We disburse the amount to our Field Partner on the ground. Borrowers receive 100% of your money and use it for the specific need they were given the loan for.

Step 3:

As the borrower repays the loan, the Field partner collects the repayments on the ground. These are accumulated in your account on, as 'Credits'. You’ll receive progress updates from Milaap through your email and your Milaap account.

Step 4:

You can choose to withdraw your accumulated Milaap Credits or re-lend it to another borrower listed on Milaap. By choosing another borrower, you will keep the cycle of change going with the same loan amount.

Donate     HERE.
I am Lending are you?
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Monday, 10 February 2014

Combining Knowledge from India and UK - KNOWLEDGE IS GREAT

Knowledge is an Ocean and an ocean is very big. The first question that came into my mind while writing this post which may come in everybody’s mind was that 'Why should I go to UK for further studies when I can study in India?'

It was not very difficult to answer this question but first I would like to bring out a point which I feel when somebody is going out of India for studies. I remember a few years back when my cousin was going abroad for his further studies it became just a matter of show off. Everybody was saying ‘Oh UK, he has gone to UK for further studies.
I am afraid that most of the people whom I have met think this. So is it only a matter of show off when someone goes abroad for studies. My answer is a big 'NO'. What do you think?. Coming back to my question as I said knowledge is an ocean and an ocean is very big.

I want to open a multi-cuisine restaurant in India. Now, if my studies are limited to only Indian Cuisine and those available in India how will I gain knowledge about the cuisine all over the World? Just knowing the recipe is not enough.

The answer lies here ‘To gain knowledge about different cuisines and to experience them I need to go to abroad for further studies’.   In simple words ‘To explore different cuisines all over the world and expertise my skills I will go to UK for further studies’.

The illustration shows that combining the studies from India and UK I can expertise my skills of world class cuisines.

If I get a chance to Specialize in a subject of my choice in UK it would be Hotel Management Course because I want to open a Multi - Cuisine restaurant in India and I want to expertise my skills and want to know the insights of every dish that I will have in my restaurant. For, this I would definitely need to go abroad. Moreover, the western culture in few years has evolved in India. Going to UK for further studies will really help me in growth of career and expertise my skills of Hotel Management.

I would like to study the course in Oxford Brookes University as it is one of the best University for Hotel Management in the world. The research programmes at Brookes University are among the world's best. The Oxford School of Hospitality Management has great infrastructure and skilled people. I am sure I will learn a lot there.

The British Council in India also provides scholarship to deserving students for higher studies at UK. Studying at Oxford Brooke University will be a dream come true for me.

Studying and Exploring the 
Ocean of Knowledge and 
Expertise my Skills in UK would be 
Great that is why #KnowledgeIsGreat

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Lively and Beautiful Home - Only with Asian Paints

Whenever I think or everybody thinks of a beautiful and lively home the first thing that comes into the mind is the color on the walls. Whether it should be a normal paint or a texture paint all this comes into our mind. In my opinion the most important thing above all the decorations and Interior designs are the colors on the wall. Colors bring out the beauty of the house so should be bought carefully. A hanging on a wall nicely painted with a good paint may look very beautiful an the same may look bad on a wall painted with a low quality paint.

To create my home gorgeous and beautiful I would:

Firstly, A nice paint on walls and one wall with texture paint. The texture paint on one wall makes the room look beautiful. There should be a good contrast between the texture painted wall and the other walls.

Texture Paint

 Secondly, A nice wooden furniture which could match the color of the pain which I have used in my home. A nice, simple and elegant furniture makes the home look more beautiful. So, choose a nice furniture which could match the color of your walls.


Thirdly, The decorations and interior designs should be done in such a way that they look nice. The room or house should not be overfilled with the decorations, lampshades or wall hanging. The use of nice paintings on the wall makes the room and house beautiful.

Fourthly, The wooden work like almirah's should be designed nicely. The wooden work in the house also contributes to the good looks of the house and room.

Fifth, Some nice matching mix and match Curtains.

Almirah & Lamp Shades

The most important is the paint we choose to color the walls 

Nice Colors on Wall
Lively Decoration and,
Interiors in House
A Name that bring Colors
to House and Life,

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