Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Chritsmas Party

I still remember it was Christmas evening me and my wife had to go to a party organized by my cousin at Hauz Khas Village. I came back late from the office that day and my wife said 'Ek din bhi time se nahi aa sakte hamesha der karte ho'.  I replied 'Ab sab kuch chodo aur tayar ho jao'.  We were about half an hour late. 

 I told my wife to drive as I was feeling very tired. She was scolding me in the car as I came late. Then suddenly, my luck we stopped at a red light at Connaught Place and my wife looked in the rear view mirror on the left of the driving seat and said 'Just look at the Nail Paint she is using its awesome'. I replied 'Who?' She replied 'The girl in Honda City on the left'. I said 'Yes it’s awesome'. I thought in my mind why these girls are always interested in Nail Paint, Lipsticks, Hairstyles and Clothes even while driving.  To stop the fight of being late I said 'Kal market chaltein hain aur tum shopping kar lena'. Thanks to the word shopping the fight ended and she was happy.

We reached the party an hour late. The party was awesome and we enjoyed a lot.

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