Friday, 31 January 2014

Ocean of Ideas - Indiblogger #YWMA IndiMeet

Recently, on January 24th 2014 Indiblogger started their first IndiMeet of 2014 with Nokia Your Wish is my App Season 2 meet took place at The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi. More than 300 Indibloggers registered for the meet what else could be better than this a great start of IndiMeet. The hosts for the #YWMA season 2 were Mr. Vikas Khanna, Mr. Rajiv Makhni and Mr. Vishal Gondal.

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The idea behind the #YWMA Season 2 meet was to have more and more ideas from Indibloggers. The meet started with the registrations and then we were asked to give our app ideas on a piece of paper to the IndiTeam. During, the meet some of the indibloggers got a chance to present their ideas and some were randomly chosen by the three hosts. They gave some nice gifts from Nokia to the indibloggers with nice Ideas. A child gave an awesome idea of Organ Donation and won Nokia Lumia, congratulation to her for the win. I too had an app idea which I could not present there and thanks to Indiblogger I am presenting my idea in this post.

My App Idea

An App for Dumb and Deaf people. 
My app will read the Lip movement of a dumb person through the phone's camera and will convert it into speech. This will help a Dumb person to speak through the App.

On the other hand the App would also be able to record the voice of a person and convert it into signs which could be understood by a deaf person.

My app will give voice to Dumb and help deaf people to communicate to others via signs. It will be a very usefull app.

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