Saturday, 11 January 2014

No Recharge is equal to No Hair

I daily go to crowded areas to supply my cosmetic products via buses, car or scooter. I have to wash my hair and get a recharge of my hair regularly to protect it from falling. If I do not recharge my hair I will have hair falls, dandruff and one day all my hair will completely vanish. The biggest nightmare for me will be, 'I without my Hair'.

No Recharge of Hair is equal to No Hair.

No Recharge No Hair

Firstly, I need to do a recharge of my hair regularly because my daily routine i.e., going to crowded places like Sadar Bazar for supply leaves my hair with lot of dust particles which can result in hair fall. Imagine dust attacking your hair and eating every bit of your hair.


When I have to go somewhere by scooter or bike my hair is all messed up by the wind. To deal with this I need to recharge my hair. I can’t go anywhere or meet anyone with messed up hair.



Going to a party with messed up hair will give a very bad look of me. To look smart I have to do a recharge of my hair. A nice hairdo makes you look smart and you can impress everyone with it.

Messed Up Hair
My hair is very oily and sometimes it stinks very badly. To protect my hair from being oily and stinky I need to recharge my hair. Nobody likes to come near a stinky and oily hair person.

Oily Hair

Fifth and the last,


To protect my hair from dandruff and hair fall because of dust, messed up hair and oiliness I need to recharge it. To save my hair I need to recharge it with Sunsilk.

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